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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by fingers_1661, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. This is a daft question & I expect some flack but why is the Army (& some regiments therein) still waiting for the prefix 'Royal'?
  2. Because the Army that we know today has its origins during the time of Cromwell, when England was a Republic. Cromwells "New Model Army" forms the basis of what we are today
  3. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Also because certain regiments and corps are Royal. Therefore no need for a 'Royal' Army
  4. I have to disagree with that. It's my understanding that it was after Cromwell's death and the confusion that followed after it was clear Cromwell's son wasn't really up to much that Monck came down from Scotland, rallying troops at Coldstream first - this creating the 'Coldstreamers' and Monck's restoration of the King that really saw the start of todays Army.
  5. The army was origianlly raised by contractors called "colonels" who sponsored particular Regiments. e.g. "The Green Howards" Some Regiments were raised by "Royal" Sponsorship and had the title "Royal". In more recent times its an honorific that can be won by distinguished service, but can be passed to merged versions of the Regiment.

    So the Royal Logisitc Corps earned the Royal Title from a previoous incarnation the "Royal Army Service Corps", which was the "Army Service Corps" until 1919 and won the title for sterling provision of pork and beans etc during the Great War.

    Curiously if you merge a Royal regiment with a non royal one you usually keep the "Royal Title" So cooks - Army Catgerling Corps are now part of the Royal Logicist Corps. Are there any cases of merged Regiments Losing nthe "Royal Title? If not, the answer to your question will be

    "All regiments will be "Royal Rwegiments" after the last non royal regiment merges with a Royal One.

    Current gaps...

    Paras? Merge them with the Royal Marines or make them all "Rangers"
    Army Air Corps? They should reclaim the Royal Flying Corps title from the RAF.

    Adjutant Generals Corps? Hmm all to difficult. Privatise the lot and call them Capita :)

    That leaves the SAS as possibly the last unit that can be called !"Royal" butr maybe they can be enobled anyway...
  6. I would also suggest that at time the army has not always been behind the crown, and so regiments were selected for loyally and outstanding work.

  7. Thanks for the answers guys:)
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The Royal Green Jackets & RGBWLI are merging with LI & DDLI to become the, as yet, un-royal Rifles.
  9. Maybe thats the exception that proves the rule. Arenlt the Rifles trying to become more Para and SF like.. Or maybe we spread the rumour that the title has been removed for some disgrace! ;)
  10. There are rumours that 1 RIFLES will be Commando trained.
  11. Those arn't rumours the plan is by 2010 to have them completley trained as a commando battalion.