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Royal Pioneer Corps Regimental Colours

my father in law served with the royal pioneer corps between 1956 and 1964, he is terminal ill with cancer, with only 3-4 weeks left. the family want to do our own personalized order of service, with ribbion in the same colour as the Regimental Colours.

could anyone please tell me what the colours are?

thank you for your time
Blue black ground, with two stripes, one green and one red, red one over the green.

Ther's desktop wall paper that can be downloaded at this link, it will give you an idea.

RPC colours

Can I also suggest you contact Norman Brown on the website below, I'm sure he would like the opportunity to pass on the good wishes of the rest of the Corp.

As a Pioneer can I wish your father in law a peaceful passing with his family, friends and loved ones around him.

Gods speed.
Please accept my condolences,

From stablebelts.co.uk

I think it was quite normal to drop the blue (don't know why) but the current TRF for the Pioneers of the RLC is Red and Green, and certainly all the Pioneer bars and offices used to be Green and Red.

I remember the Peak (?) in Lisburn used to be Green up to about shoulder height, and then red to the roof.

also these guys may help.

thank you, ive posted on the website as well as here, i just wanted to make double sure that we got the right colours, i know it would mean alot to him.

thank you for your kinds words and your help it really appreciated

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