Royal or Republican

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by qman, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Parliament

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  1. Been sitting contemplating a few rambling thoughts and just wondered where we would all fall, should the Queen ever decide to sack parliament and run the show herself. I, for one would be egging her on. Only my dilema is this. I have sworn allegiance to HM but it's the government that cough up for my services.
  2. For all the failings the royals have had, they compare in no way to the failings of people voted into power.

    Royalist and Unionist.
  3. If the queen took over, she'd make sure you still got your pay, don't you worry. Although this sort of poll can worry the MODs - ARRSE has a reputation for fermenting the armed overthrow of the government! ;)
  4. As the statistics presently show - I voted HM.

    By which I mean this one, of whom I am an admirer. I am not as sure about the bloodline. I attended a debate the other day in which the proposition was that the House of Windsor has only ever produced strong inspirational women or weak and hesitant men. Some very eminent historians gave their answers. It made me think - not something I am usually given to doing.
  5. Her Madge - no hesitation.

    I'm getting a bit old for the barricade storming mullarkey, but I'd still give the Downing St gates a go, with some relish.

    Awaiting the call, anyway.
  6. Wot government! It's the taxpayer wot pays your wedge! :roll:

    Her Maj rools okay!
  7. It is Her Majesty's Government. If it ceases to be so then it ain't a government no more.
  8. I've never been in the Marines or the IRA, so I can't comment.

    However, I'd vote for HM in a second. You just can't match that record of selfless patriotism and dedication to duty. Charlie, I'm not so sure about, but it's academic as the Windsor bloodline dies out with him. Allegedly.
  9. Not much of choice (for me at least). It's either the right vote or a wasted one. I voted the right way. :D
  10. HM the Queen, without a shadow of doubt. Her life has been focussed on serving her country, that is her main concern; she's dedicated and unselfish. She's not on a points scoring, for the moment power trip like so many politicians. I really wish she did exert more power over the government and kick them into shape...
  11. Didn't advocate anyone storming the gates at Downing Street. Don't think I'm quite at the point of sedition yet either. Does beg the question of If I know that someone has acted and remains to act in a treasonable fashion am I duty bound to act? If so I better polish up me ol' door kicking boots!
  12. So, I'd like to establish something which I get confused about.

    If a group of people (for arguments sake, the users of ARRSE) decided that they wanted to oust the current Government and give HM full power over the realm, is that treason?

    I get confused over this.

    **DISCLAIMER** I am NOT advocating the armed overthrow of the incumbent Government, this is merely hypothetical.
  13. If it ever came to it...

    I'd be the saddo sitting in Trafalgar Square with a big white candle bleating buhdist hymns about peace and harmony...

    As if we haven't got enough problems already...

    Tis a tough one though... I couldn't fight for the Govt... but I'd have to fight for the right to have a govt... but couldn't do it with my heart like wot one could for the Royals... so the result is that I'd be a crap fighter and get slotted... and therefore it doesn't matter...

    Anyone got more of those pills... I'm running out.
  14. The Govt is Her Majesties Government, and unless she says get rid then it's treason.
  15. Don't look in the crystal ball, just read the book.

    In this case, the history of England, 1640 to 1660. Lots of people who hated what Parliament was, but couldn't fight for an absolute monarch, and lots of people who loved democracy, but loved their King more.

    I think Broon is going to push and push against the 'outdated conventions' of our current constitution, until he goes too far and causes a bit of a fuss. HM is very quiet and discreet, but if she's pushed too far, watch out. She'll outlive that thieving cnut.