Royal Northumberland Fusiliers - Tartan

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Busterdog, Mar 28, 2005.

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  1. I recently learned that the old Royal Northumberland Fusiliers had pipers (presumably Northumbrian pipes?) their tartan was termed the Northumberland Tartan. I recall seeing the old 1st Bn of the 'Fighting Fifth' on parade, their band and drums wore scarlet jackets and Fusilier caps, 'though don't recall seeing pipers wth them.
    Grateful for any information on this subject.
  2. Been told by a freind who served with the regiment that the pipers wore the "PERCY" tartan. The Percy`s were/are the Dukes of Northumberland ,and as such the Percys have a long and famous history connected to the North east and the Scottish border area.

    The pipers I am told would have been playing Northumbrian Bagpipes.
  3. Thanks Jonesy. I'm currently trying (without success) to obtain pictures of the RNF pipers.
  4. The tradition of Northumbrian pipers is still continued by the RRF. Get onto their websight and they will have some.
  5. Interesting bw film (with sound) of fighting fifth on british pathe - return to the locale after WW1

    Search at no-pipers, hooray (minimal registration - and free viewing samples).