Royal Navy's new ice-breaker deploys to Antarctica

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Nov 29, 2011.

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  2. Wouldn't we be better off with a ship which is actually useful to the UK rather than one for surveying the bottom bit of the Southern bastard Ocean?
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  3. Don't be stupid, Penguins are a valuable resource.
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  4. Whats the point of this how does it contribute to uk defence???
  5. [​IMG]

    Look Mam! No hanger!

    Someones going to get very frosty g'nads fixing things
  6. You will be having a pop at the RAF Regt next.
  7. Good luck to the Ship's company. Let's hope this one doesn't have to be piggy-backed back to the UK.
    I remember watching the programme about Endurance almost sinking a few years ago - sod that for a game of sailors.
  8. It would be nice if we actually owned the thing as well:

    History of the Royal Navy » HMS Protector
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  9. Errr…

    "…She joined up with the British task force in April and landed SBS soldiers at Hound Bay on South Georgia on 22 April. With the threat of a submarine presence, other vessels moved into deeper waters but Endurance moved into sea ice near the shore. On 25 April, two Wasp ASW helicopters flying from Endurance assisted in attacks on the submarine Santa Fe, which was later abandoned by her crew. When the Argentinian forces surrendered on the 26th, the Endurance remained in the vicinity of the island as a guard.…"

    I may be missing something, but I don't notice a couple of missile totting helos hanging off HMS Protectors arse end.
    Fend off the perfidious Argentines with suicide ninjas in the RIB's perhaps?
  10. Mate, it's an ice survey ship. I sincerely doubt it's got anything remotely useful vis-a-vis your three pointless points. Does it have some sort of funky CIWS, attack choppers, missile batteries, depth charges or owt else remotely ******* useful?

    I thought it was unlucky to rename ships anyway? MV Polar bear - HMS Protector.
  11. Maybe not this time round but wait and see:

  12. Am I right in saying that surveying is actually quite lucrative for the UK. i.e once we have surveyed certain parts of the world, we then flog the new improved and more accurate charts to the highest bidder?
  13. I can see you point about the validity of the new HMS Protector afterall we also have HMS Clyde down south to the dedicated gun boat and protect our intreasts in the falklands while the Ice patrol vessel seems to be deicated to the support of the british antartic survey and the science and exploration that goes on in antartica so it begs the question espechialy when budgets are tight that it isn't one of the things the MOD wants to get rid off push it over to the BAS who'd probably have to PFI some sort of arangment with the relevant types but i imagine it'd be one of the few occasions where the PFI would save money if civillians run and maintain the ship rather than having a rather unique comercial ship in the RN.

    I think with Antartica for the forseable future most of the work conducted will be purley academic as although many countries have claims there its also quite heavily protected by legislation as i understand. and a lot of the work i've been reading up on of late is based around international efforts anyway where they hire drilling ships from the oil industry to take ocean cores off the coast to help figure out antarticas past climate with the most exiting recent find being a leaf deep in the in the sediment core. On top of that the RN still has is Survey ships for the job of charting and i think they've been at least partially filling in since endurance nearly sank.
  14. Well I'm glad someones down there protecting them poor penguins from the nasty errrm...******* polar bears!

    It will also surely deter anyone from chipping bits off our glaciers!