Royal Navy's Falklands ship turned away by Brazil

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Yokel, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Oh, so much for that naval cooperation pact we just signed...
  2. Ah the UK govs quest to find new big brothers in the World will have to continue...maybe India will be that special one....
  3. Send a Gunboat.

  4. They'll probably have to borrow one off of the French...
  5. No problem,the Chilians still like us.(At the moment)
  6. I love the Foreign Office comment at the end. The sad part is that the FO staff probably believe it.
  7. "The UK-Brazil defence cooperation treaty signed last September is a good example of our current strong links."

    Er, yes.

    Personally, I place far more store by our long standing and practical friendship both in word and deed with Chile.
    After all, they celebrate Trafalgar Night like us.
  8. Outrageous! Send out a carrier to show e mean business! Oh hang on. Wait one.
  9. Thought I'd post this:


    It might be the closest to Rio, the navy's going to get.
  10. Alternatively, some realism time here. Brazil is a close partner of the UK and also Argentina - each time it lets a UK ship in, it takes a lot of stick from Argentina and the resulting diplomatic hassle. So it has to strike a delicate balancing act between letting in UK ships on a regular basis, and also not pissing off a neighbour with who it shares a large land border.

    I see realpolitik in play here, nothing more. If this continues then we have an issue, but ultimately Brazil will continue to do what it thinks is best in its own national interest. No need for alarm except for daily mail readers...
  11. I wonder how this will affect the crabs?

    Will they, when seeing a nasty looking cloud have to find somewhere else to divert to? And somewhere else with an annual carnival.

    It could be tricky.

  12. Shhhhhh! ônibus indignação is due to leave in 5 minutes.
  13. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Not to mention there has been a general election since (final run off and announcement made on 31/10/2010). I'd put her down as more of a technocrat that the outgoiing Silva and therefore lacks his pragmatism and charisma. I forsee a lot of general tub-thumping socialism in Brazil for the forseeable future including anti-colonial type rants such as this.