Royal Navy unveils carrier training facility

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 20, 2012.

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  2. Will they be using this training aid?

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  3. Shouldn't they use the term 'crew' instead of 'man'.

    Just being fluffy, ya.
  4. Don't tell the RAF (it might spoil their golf)
  5. No charge.
  6. The RAF would never plot (but some of their senior officers might)... Innocent look...
  7. Naturally, you're getting rid of all your back seaters.
  8. Sharkey
    I bet you genuinely believe that if you trip over a kerbstone in the street then it's because the Crabs put it there to f**k you up,eh?

    Give it a rest, old man.
  9. Does the Iron Duck think the massive cuts in the RN's surface fleet were a price worth paying to get a whole 6 planes to sea on HMS fitted for but not with a proper Carrier Air Group?
  10. 12 planes rather than 6.
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  12. Yeah, riiiiight!

    6 on a good day. After all, CVF often went to sea with none.
  13. ppnb.JPG
    The image that came into my tiny mind on seeing the thread title.
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  14. The first buy will be 48 F35B. I believe these will be split in squadron terms between the RAF and FAA with the RAF getting the lion's share. Since there shall have to be a OCU and for a time some a/c going to a OEU the RAF will probably 'own' all the aircraft with one NAS operating 12 RAF owned jets.

    SofS has made a distinction between this buy of 48 Bs and a possible future buy to replace the GR4. It is quite possible the majority of UK F35s might be the A model as the B can in no way be construed as a direct GR4 replacement.