Royal Navy too weak for big role in N Korea blockade

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Oct 16, 2006.

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    Good...its no business of ours anyway.

    What are the chances of some action on the high seas though?

    I can imagine the N Koreans being ready and willing to repel all boarders.
  2. This is the Navy fishing for more funds in the new 'fund the Army properly' debate or certainly to stop Brown axing a couple of their 'type 45 floating diplomatic cocktail party venues'.

    The Blockcade of NK will not happen as China is against it (senior cadres in Beijing making serious cash off NK skullduggary). At the worse NK ships will hug PRC coastal waters until notified that no 'UN' ships are present.
  3. AJ, from where I am the best country to sort out NK is its own specail way at a time of it agree (personally) and does view site with your understanding of how China operates?

    p.s. what is the betting that the MoD Firewall get ARRSE before the PRC firewall is upgraded and ARRSE gets added to the great-firewall :twisted:
  4. I was with a bunch of midranking PLA types yesterday (they had organised a banquet in honor of the bravery of our lads in Stan), they believe that NK is seriously out of line and needs a shoeing. They said that China is planning to remove the mutual defense clause in their various treaties. After that is done literally anything can happen in NK, including a PRC inspired NK Army coup.

    ARRSE in the PRC should be safe enough given the amount of PLA anaylists who log on (the NAAFI being a favorite so I am told).

    The MOD press officers have lost their battle with the truth so badly that any attempt to close ARRSE would probably lead to all of the 'useless mouths' at the MOD press office being cleansed as 'not fit for purpose'.

    Oh the joy of it.
  5. Interesting points. NK having a nuclear capability is a global issue but the threat actually is a regional one based upon there weaponry. Any blockade should be policed by the Regional Powers, China/Russia/USA/Japan. We should stay well out of the way, the last 1SL told Bliar that te Navy could not meet its standing commitments and now Blair et al need to understand this is exactly what he was refering to. We are not a global policeman of the High Seas thanks to the cuts that this regime an the previous gubment inflicted upon all three services.


    Rrather than pleading for more useless and very expensive toys how about sorting out more strat airlift (C17 adn VC10/Tristar replacements) don't tell me FLA and FSTA will sort it as A400M will be prop driven and incapbale at cruising at the speed the C17 does meaning that it has to fly out of international airlanes (lower altitude) which affects the fuel consumption due to denser air and hence shorter range.
  6. from here

    Seems that 'senior navy officers' now believe thta they are either deploying a carrier with all the support or going ot be basing Harrier of a Frigate or an RFA. Wonder if the press are back in the habit of making very junior officers into senior leaders once again (a la Army Capt = Senior officer) - could this be a Naval Lt spouting off?
  7. I can only assume that this is some sort of push for more funds by the RN. Frankl;y, the US 7th Fleet, JMSDF and RoK Navy between them are more than sufficient to blokade NK. I doubt anyone outside the UK is even thinking about an RN contribution.
  8. The RN would be hard pressed to stop the IOW ferry at present...
  9. Don't we as a security council member have to provide some sort of commitment?
    If the governments (past and present) have seen fit to decimate our armed forces to todays levels, shouldn't we seriously considering giving up our place at the table. We might have the teeth to still give a nip but not the bite we once had.
  10. And that’s a bad thing how? All three services are in dire need of cash, and the treasury can more than afford to pay out to all three. The dear Chancellor is after all getting more than a £1 Billion a day in taxes alone.

    The more pressure that is put on, especially from multiple angles, the better chances of every service getting what it needs.
  11. The question was posted on another thread......the Strat lift is sorted in the sense that there is a GDP37Bn contract on the table for a commercial solution, [737 or Airbus models providing AAR, People and Freight lift]. Yes I have loads of reservations with this but what can I do.

    As for the AM400 I have seen the picture but that is about all I know.....As for my comments about Eurofighter...we have retired the Canberra (broken) and Jaguars. This leaves the Harrier (to be replaced by JSF when available) and the Tornado....a bomber converted to fighter, converted to CAS role....yes they are expensive, but in reality we will be using them for the next 50 years. So when our Grandchildren are serving they will be supported by an Aircaft designed with the Cold War in mind.

    It comes back to the CGS's comments about an Army fit for role in 5, 10 and 20 years. Both the RAF and RN have the same issue.......
  12. All the money in china (excuse pun) wont cure the problem, the RN are critically short on manpower IIRC.... Tall Sea Cadets in RN cap tallys made up the numbers for the IFOS and Trafalgar 200 celebrations cos there were not enough matelots to go around, funding is only a part of the problem, plenty of warships sat there in pompey and guz- lacking in diesel and men/women.

  13. Trident says otherwise.
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I hope that we don't have enough troops to get involved in any military invasion of North Korea either. Whilst I have no doubt that Americal muscle would win in the end I don't think that invading the DPRK would be the 'pushover' that Iraq was. These b'stards are tough and committed.