Royal Navy to hold Trafalgar celebration

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ViroBono, Mar 3, 2004.

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  1. The Daily Telegraph reports today that 1SL has announced that the RN will hold a Royal Review of the Fleet (if there are any ships left) next year, to celebrate the Brtish victory at Trafalgar.

    Evidently the Dear Leader and his tawdry little gang thought it would cost too much, but 1SL has had his way.

    However, foreign ships will also be present to boost numbers. These will include the French! Ah well, targets will sink when hit.....

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  2. I suppose if the Germans are invited to the 60th anniversary of D-Day then we can't complain if the French turn up for Trafalgar Day..... we could however re-enact it and show the french just how popular they are ! :-D
  3. sink em one more time for old times sake! :lol:
  4. Yeah but there's more of them than there are of the RN. 8O But then there were last time as well :twisted:

    Apparently the French/Spanish claim victory because they managed to kill Nelson. I suppose it helps to cushion the blow of losing most of their fleets and the ability to act beyond continental Europe . :roll:
  5. Ignore their claims............neither nation has much to cheer about 8) Edit: even Nelsons death could have been an original Blue on Blue.......see US Military SOP's for clarification :roll:
  6. Right. That's it. I'm organising an (Army) celebration of the Norman vitory over the Anglo Saxons at Hastings in 1066. I'm inviting some Froggie chums over to kick the cr*p out of a bunch of German tourists (there on the off chance of a decent deck chair spot). Everyone else gets to watch.
    My letter is in the post.
  7. The campaign starts now !

    A 'Battle of Agincourt Day' on 25th October 2015 to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the magnificent victory of a vastly outnumbered English Army over the French.

    No French invited. If the Spanish are feeling left out I propose 18th August as Official Defeat of the Spanish Armada Day.
  8. I suggest that the French should be invited, but be subject to a ludicrous and needlessly complex application procedure which involves a 'special' ID card, thus preventing their attendance. Something along the lines of how they've treated our D-Day veterans recently would fit the bill. :twisted:
  9. mmm good point! Viro