Royal Navy to close one training establishment

Which Establishment is the Navy going to close?

  • Lympstone?

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  • Dartmouth?

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  • Raleigh?

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OK, No link to a real story but there is a debate raging around the workplace about what the Navy are faced with. Our senior brothers have to reduce their initial training estate by 1/3. Bearing in mind they have three locations: RNBC Dartmouth, CTC Lympstone and HMS Raleigh; which one is going to close?

My money is on Lympstone - you can train Commandos anywhere. Train them alongside the ratings at HMS Raleigh and the officers can do the same or be trained at Dartmouth.
Surely the three existing training establishments are the absolute minimum, I really cant see where they can double up. Is a closure definitely in the offing? If they attempt to train booties alongside matelots standards will drop, and the RM may well end up as the Navys version of rock-apes, ie: second rate infantry.
Can't close Raleigh easily as it combines phase 1 and 2 trg and is near the dockside. With DTR trying to gather in the Naval fratenity - that is a non starter - as it presents too much risk. Also close to Labour Constituancy.

Dartmouth is more at risk, I live nearby and rumours have been circulating for years. No votes in retaining Dartmouth either. LD and Tory - not in Labour's sphere of interest.

CTCRM could move easily but with the closing (potentially) of part of the University of Plymouth in Exmouth - not a good move.

What about HMS Collingwood? That is a trg establishment isn't it?

Rockapes might be second rate according to you, but not because they train amongst the rest of the RAF. They've got their own depot at Honnington.
Can't see any of those 3 going. They got rid of HMS Dryad, now all OM's are at Collingwood. If anything I could see HM Sultan going. Training can be taken up at Collingwood, big enough.

As RM's at Raleigh, there is not enough room for their training.
To further amplify my logic about Lympstone:

Which one did the Future King attend? Dartmouth...

P Coy couldn't possibly be done anywhere else other than Aldershot... until it moved to Catterick... What is so specific about Lympstone's location that would stop it being closed? Surely you can run two entirely separate courses in parralleel without affecting the standards of one from the other: CIC(Para), CIC(Guards) and CIC all run in parrallel with few probs... retention of those who fall out of guards and para find homes elsewhere with relative ease. Failed booties could become matelots.

I assume matelot training at Raleigh requires specific infrastructure which is in place - most Ph2/Ph3 trg for RM soldiers is conducted in parallel with Navy anyway (chefs, drivers); inf spec jobs (mors, ATk) alongside Army.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, interesting isn't it.


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To add the the equation, what is the chance of much of this moving to a refurbished Portsmouth?

The frankly ludicrous "Project Prime" has been cancelled due to security issues and the Chancellor is left with a large, waterfront area within the dockyard that the navy had been bullied into saying they didn't need. The buildings would make excellent training centres following refurbishment and military training areas such as Longmoor are nearby for if they want the little darlings to go outside.

Just a thought.
Raleigh is obv. for basic training. But the S&S branches train there, along with RM chefs. But you also have the seamanship school after basic, which is there. Also the MT school is situated in the same base.

I couldn't see Any other training est. being moved there, or it being closed down.

Stone House isn't really needed, even though its a housing barracks more than anything.

Couldn't Bickleigh and Taunten be merged? Or even the RMs at pool being moved? Drake Has the space for accomodation, some of 29 co. stay there but thats the holding place for ships companies when they revert round with TopMast.

Nelson, to be honest isn't big enough for a training est. Even though the RM Band train there.

Still best bet is for Sultan to be closed down and moved to Collingwood.

Does that make sense?
Don't think Sultan will be closed down - there's a lot of faciltiies with all training for Air (after Daedalus closed) and Marine Engineering taking place there. Can Collingwood really take on yet more roles - they've already drawn in Mercury and now Dryad?

Rumour I heard is that Raliegh will close with Part 1 training moving to repsective lead establishments (ie Sultan and Collingwood) - where the rest will go wasn't volunteered. Heard separately that BRNC is to merge with RAF officer training at Shrivenham.
Heard separately that BRNC is to merge with RAF officer training at Shrivenham.
I heard a similar rumor from a cabbie during a trip to Shriv just under two years ago "I 'ad these two blokes in the back of my cab, 'igh rankin' they was...". Sandhurst was also mentioned.
Collingwood already train WE's and ME's, I can't see why they can't do the full training for MEM's there then leave the diving for Sultan. But they still have the tank at Haslar. Also they do the diving at ICS. Its just a purpose of seperating to the right places. Collingwood is big enough to train, maybe not housing wise but then Nelson could be used in that way or even keep Sultan for homing reasons.

But I can't see Raleigh going anytime soon. Its one of the oldest bases. But then again the RN does some shocking things!
Anya - Didn't realise Collingrad was doing ME training as well now. Are the AEs still at Sultan or has that gone with the RAF?

The reasoning behind Raleigh going is that there are only 700-800 JRs going through per year, and its not worth keeping such a large establishment open for what is basically 6 weeks of square bashing (OK I'm being very simplistics there!!). Cooks may go back to Aldershot where they used to train with the Army and RAF - cockroach ridden place I recall, but as the Para's have now gone from Aldershot hopefully there'd be less trouble (slapping 'Cook Navy' stickers all over the underside of their Dakota gate guardian - in the days before it was fenced in - really wasn't such a clever move!). MT can be done at Excellent - already a sizeable MTS there.

What is a big problem in Portsmouth area is accomodation of course - Blockhouse and even Bristol are having to be used a lot.

Sandhurst apparently is to stay - according to rumour just BRNC and Cranwell to merge at Shrivenham. We shall see - there's been rumours of BRNC's imminent closure for at least 15 years, if not longer. With the decline in the fleet its becoming much more difficult to justify its existence so I wouldn't be surprised if it went now.
Collingwood has always been used for part of the ME's training. MEA's is the larger part of it along with WEA's. ME's obv. don't do their full training. Coney island (sorry if spelling is wrong) is used for divers. I am sure a tank can be rebuilt there?

Raleigh is use by RN Devonport most of time. MT/Boarding party training and seamanship. Maybe its best to keep it that way? But Raleigh could accomodate a few other training courses. I know 29 co. tend to go down and use the assault course at times. Also Specs are trained there.

To be honest its harder to determine than if it were the Army.
You lot are P++sed

Move lympswitz and you'll have to move dartmoor!!!!

All those nasty hills and atrocious weather that makes Royal, Royal

why not move the Hereford chaps to norfolk eh?

No didn't think so


...according to rumour just BRNC and Cranwell to merge at Shrivenham
I can't see that happening myself.

HM Government makes a hell of a lot of money training up officers for foreign forces at Dartmouth and Cranwell, much as it does at Sandhurst. The reason why foreign nations send their troops here is because of the expertise these establishments have for training officers for the specific branches that parent them. If they were to merge then there is the possibility that they would no longer stay centres of excellence for Naval/Air Force Officers but just a glorified middle management school. This, I believe, wouldn't be so appealing to 'customers' and we'd most probably lose business to the US.

If there ever was a merger of officer training then it'd be a Tri-service estabilishment, it'd be the most sensible money saving plan especially as the Sandhurst estate is some of the most maintainance hungry buildings in HM Forces.
To be honest, closing Raleigh is a bit of a no-no. There's too much going on down there for them to up sticks again. The submariners are now trained down there and it really isn't a viable option to move them again. As it is, they've got to go to Fort Blockhouse in Gosport to do the tank.

CTCRM won't close. I cannot possibly see that happening. Its a pretty unique place and one that deserves to stay IMHO. Woodbury common, mud flats, watching Royal have a fit whilst he instructs the odd matelot doing weapon training there (most dangerous thing in the world is not THEM, its Jack with a gun!). All together now....I'LL FCUKING BEAST YOU 'TIL YOUR FCUKING EYE BALLS BLEED! Good old Colours Jim Q....YoU'RE A LEG-END!

Dartmouth? Of the three establishments, I'd have to say that is probably the most at risk. I think it would be a tragedy but they closed Greenwich Naval College and people managed to cope ok. Of course, if the navy were to go down the same route as the Dutch Navy and get rid of wardrooms and have them serve themselves in the galley.......then it would close the day after that decision.

Excellent does not have the capacity to take on more people accomodation wise. The SNCO's mess is awful. It truely is. The cabins are dreadful.

Collingwood? It certainly is a busy place but there isn't enought capacity to take on more departments.

Culdrose and Yeovilton haven't had a mention. Yeovilton's only an hour from Guzz and less than 90 minutes from Pompey. When the SHAR/GR9/Whatever force move, they'll have bags of room to do whatever they want. Likewise Culdrose, and thats relatively close to Guzz as well.
Fond memories of Lympstone, Woodbury Common, mud flats, etc however in the black and white of treasury that will count for jack shite. Actually there is nothing at Lympstone that makes it unique and essential to train Royal. Woodbury is just another small trg area. Remove the mud flats and Royal will find some new form of torture, creative bast*rds that they are.

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