Royal Navy Tasked to Spain

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by dangerousdave, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. The Royal Navy is to be deployed to help rescue Britons stranded abroad by flight restrictions, Gordon Brown says.

    With the UK no-fly zone being extended until 1am tomorrow, the Government says three ships could be used to help ferry travellers back home.
    HMS Ocean will head to the Channel today and HMS Ark Royal will move "later" with HMS Albion en route to Spain to pick up British soldiers, "and may be able to help" travellers.
    Madrid may also be used as a hub for stranded tourists.
    Mr Brown unveiled the measures after a meeting of the Government's emergency response Cobra committee.
  2. Madrid to be used as a hub, that's handy for getting folk onto ships now isn't it.
  3. Any truth in this that is being bandied around on several facebook status's

    Have yet to see anything about this on something official.
  4. More grandstanding by Broon
  5. I take it the French didn't like the idea of a few RN warships in their ports and told GB to fook off, hence using Spanish ports? If that's the case, why don't they just send one of the big P&O cruise ships? :?
  6. Well done trigger...

  7. The One Eyed Porridge Wog can't really play the 'Dunkirk' card with P&O's finest now, can he?
  8. I suspect it was mainly because flights are still going into Spain, and the reality that the channel ports arte already working at capacity.
  9. Good on him for doing so if it is indeed correct
  10. Then again, you can always rely on the French to fook your day up :wink:
  11. Wouldn't it be cheaper to task a cruise ship than a few RN ships tho? :?
  12. Some Spanish airports in the north were closed for a while saturday, haven't seen the sunday results yet.
    So that could affect the airport chosen. Would it not be better to organise more trains to Calais et al, and then just shuttle across the Channel?
  13. Yes, but not so dramatic…

    …think about the election…

    And the BBC takes you live to Pompey were Admiral Broon is welcoming back the Task Force he heroically sent to Spain to rescue all the plucky Brits from the clutches of the forrin johhnies…

    < Cue camera angle of Broon looking sombre while a White Ensign flaps in the background and Land of Hope and Glory plays >


  14. Wait until the RN put in their claim for the extra fuel oil...
    "That'll have to come out of your existing budget!"
    Unless they make the refugees row the Ark Royal back to Portsmouth.
  15. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    ignoring the actual reason for sending them. it just made me smile, its a kind of reverse armada.