Royal Navy Suffers Neglect

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Looks like the RN is in pretty bad shape. Very sad for the government to allow the RN to decline.

    A ROYAL Navy officer is heading a multi-national task force — from a US warship.

    Severe cuts have left no suitable British ship from which Commodore Bruce Williams can command Task Force 58, which protects vital oil platforms off Iraq.

    So an SOS went out to the US Navy. And they made the missile cruiser USS San Jacinto available.

    It is the first time a Royal Navy flag has flown from a US warship since 1917. Navy chiefs plan to get a British warship to the Gulf before Commodore Williams formally hands control back to the Americans in April.

    A senior Navy source said last night: “In this, the 200th anniversary year of the Battle of Trafalgar, Lord Nelson must be turning in his grave. The Royal Navy has been cut to ribbons and it is really showing.”

    Former Naval officer Mike Critchley, editor of Warship World, said: “It is utterly humiliating for the nation that once proudly ruled the waves.

    “Because of these cutbacks, the Royal Navy has had no option but to ask the US Navy for a ship on which to base the senior Royal Naval officer and his staff in the Gulf.”

    The cuts mean more and more ships have been scrapped or sold to foreign governments.

    The Navy now has one destroyer, HMS Manchester, in the Mediterranean and just one frigate, HMS Montrose, to guard Middle East oil supplies.

    In a statement to The Sun, the Ministry of Defence said: “The coalition appoints the most appropriate ship in the region as the Command Ship.

    “It is entirely appropriate for the British Commander to exercise his command from a US ship.

    “Next year it is planned that a British command ship will assume this responsibility.”
  2. Indeed, the Royal Navy is weaker than the French Navy for the first time since the 17th century.
  3. This is shocking - The Andrew is getting shafted - someone has forgotten that we live on an island.
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    The current gang of snakes in Westminster understand less about seapower than they do about the regimental system -

    If you look here you'll see why the USS San Jacinto is hosting an RN Commodore:

    PS - I understand we are due to pay the final instalment on the Lend-Lease destroyers FDR let us have in 1940 in , er ,2008 - what will you guys take for the USS Winston S Churchill ? We would offer you Bermuda but.......


    Le Chevre
  5. BY 2020, we'll be in canoes whilst the septics are in super hoverships.

    Good ole cutbacks,
  6. Looks like the Argentine Navy has the RN outnumbered.
  7. With all due respect to the Argentinians I doubt if that would actually make any difference if they do decide to make another grab for the Falklands - the armed forces of Central and South American states are only useful for oppressing their own peoples.
  8. Unfortunately due to the dire condition of the RN I am not sure the UK could replicate the Falklands operation today. The Vulcan bomber is long gone. Hopefully a future government will reverse the neglect. If it werent for Iraq the British Army would have seen alot more battalions relegated to history as well.
  9. Sound points there t6. However, my gut feeling is that at present there wouldn't be the political will to conduct such an operation.
  10. Suppose now we could just ask the Americans to bomb the Argies or threaten to nuke them as long as the Americans gave us the codes, its a sad sight to see the countries armed forces fall into such a dreadfull state, when I think of all the famous military achivements of the last century what would Nelson, Montgomery to mention two say? We will really regret this is in years to come its exactly what happened before the world wars. I hope for gods sake by the time I've done training someone like the Davids, will turn the place around, seeing as David Davis is a former soldier.
  11. Ho, ho, highly satirical.
  12. Isn't HMS Victory a command ship?

    And she is still in commision.

    And probably "stealthy" to boot.
  13. It seems to me that the root of all the problems with cutbacks in all the British armed forces is this – our government doesn’t understand what military force is for.

    As Carl von Clausewitz said “war is a continuation of policy by other means”. In other words, armed forces exist to give a government the option of using or threatening to use force to achieve foreign policy objectives that they can’t achieve by peaceful means. That’s why the RN used to be the largest navy in the world – because we had a maritime empire that relied on seaborne trade to generate the wealth that sustained it, so we needed a powerful navy to protect that trade and support the military garrisons in the colonies.

    When we lost the empire that role changed and the army and RAF became the main agents of military force to back up our government’s Cold War foreign policies. Now things have changed again, but rather than define clear British foreign policy objectives, this government seems to regard our armed forces as a labour only sub-contractor for the US forces and hence for American foreign policy.

    Now, I’m not suggesting that British forces should not co-operate with the Americans if the interests of our countries coincide, but they should not be reduced to the status of “American Foreign Legion” either.

    The government’s first duty is to serve the interests of the British people, and that duty includes formulating a foreign policy that serves our interests and making sure that our armed forces are large enough and organised in a way that can support that policy. Sometimes that will mean cooperating with the Yanks, sometimes not and sometimes it will mean telling Washington that they’re wrong and we won’t go along with them.

    Of course, that would need someone who realises that he was elected to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, not one who seems to regard himself as the Governor of America’s 51st State.
  14. It's good to see that the media are reporting the full truth in this 'story'. There's more to this than people would imagine and posting it on a public forum isn't the place for it to be. The Scum reported it last week I do believe. Now, if you take for granted everything the Scum reports.......

    Of course the RN has been shafted with regards to ships-it boils my p1ss bigtime but thats what happens with the present cnuts in charge. However, you need to realise that nowadays less ships doesn't necessarily mean less lethality. Now if those shower of cnuts in MOD let us have the 12 T45's we wanted instead of 8 and gave them TLAM capability and let us have a few more frigates then we wouldn't be in such a pickle.
  15. The con is still going on - the idea was that the RN relinquish escort vessels to pay for the two carriers. No carriers have been ordered, procurement has been put back 'indefinitely', in-service date is now 2015 and they cannot decide which aircraft to put on it anyway (JSF is now looking wobbly).

    Don't think that it will be any better if Brown replaces Blair - he has a long held grudge against the forces and has been instrumental in the round of cutbacks that we have had so far.