Royal Navy strikes £15 million blow to Gulf drugs trade


Maritime Interdiction Operations continue - as well as shielding oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.

Are the Taliban still selling drugs to fund weapon purchases? That is very naughty of them, as I am sure that someone who should have known better described them as "country boys with a code of honour".


HMS Montrose has done it again!

Anyone would think that we have a capable and global Navy, capable of aid operations in the Pacific, escorting tankers and interdicting drugs in the Middle East, carrying out NATO duties, maintaining a continuous nuclear deterrent, and preparing to deploy carrier and amphibious assets as part of NATO.


As possibly a slight drift, how careful to RN personnel have to be if there are shore leaves in the Caribbean / South America? Obvs dont go into detail if its not for public consumption, but i recall when the IRA was active there was supposed to be a ban on public travel in uniform for instance. Given that theres likely to be a load of Escobar wannabes a bit miffed that their drugs keep getting interdicted, is there any danger to RN personnel?

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