Royal Navy sends its mightiest ship to take on Iranians.


Do you think Daring will sail with a full set of missiles in her magazines? Just as importantly, will the Iranian's believe Daring is fully armed or take the gamble that she isn't.....
I hope they still have chaff rounds.
I hope that the NAAFI shop is "stored for war" they may be there some time.
Often, the good old tried and tested "old" technology performs better than the B.Ae new fangled expensive crap.


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Wouldn't we be better renaming it HMS Amethyst for this Op?
Or USS Maddox or HMS Gulf of Tonkin.

Tradition and all that

Are we looking for a fight this week?
HMS Darling???? Skippered by Captain Blackadder?
After all the gobbing off about how good it is, would that be the final nail in the coffin of our military projection abroad (what little we have)?

Unfortunatly/fortunatly the RN hasn't had any sexy pr since the FI, how do you look mean and matcho when all you have is some starving pirates and inept yet lucky Iranians to beat up?


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Wasn't the constant MOD_RSS feeds about the RN during Op Elamy sexy enough for you?

I would have thought the constant output of people doing there jobs was fantastic.

I can't wait for the next lot.

"RN Cook serves hot dinners during Operation annoy Iran"

Joe McJoe a ships cook explained how during the up coming RN Operations he still manages to do his job.
"We had only been out of Pompy (that's what we call Southampton) 5 hours and I was at my action station serving Hot chips to the crew
People think our jobs easy but it was choppy and twice the ketchup slid down the servery"

God bless the RN and all who sail in her

Only Fools and Horses - Albert's funny war story - YouTube
'it's so tough being within 1000 nautical miles of someone who doesn't like us and one time the Internet went down and we've been on reduced ginsters state for 3 weeks now, the horror!'
"woo" one ship. As awesome as I'm sure the Daring is, I'm not convinced 1 ship is an imposing show of force. Chuck in the Dauntless, a couple of 23's and Illustrious (which is floating around somewhere) and that would look a bit more credible.

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