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Royal Navy Sea Harrier Jump Jet on e-bay.

The aircraft has been decommissioned and is sold for static display (ultimate garden feature!)

Just how big do you think my garden is pal...and anyway, how the fcuk am I going to get that in mfo box?!
eleanor said:
Dizzee367 said:
I think Jeremy Clarkson (Guy that presents Top gear) Has a fighter jet (No engines of course) In his back garden.
he's got English Electric Lightning F.1A jet fighter
No he hasn't.

It (XM172) was placed in his garden for a short while for PR purposes when he did his 'Speed' series but was removed shortly afterwards. He would have required planning permission to keep it in his garden and in the part of the world he lives in (leafy, expensive, Oxfordshire) he would never have got it.
Thanks for posting that its made me laugh,
likes the sound of his own voice and opinions doesnt he ? perhaps he would be better moving to Australia where in some places it is quicker and easier to fly rather than drive , theres a point to light aircraft then.
But then again what have the Aussies done to deserve us inflicting him on them, ( beating us at cricket could be one reason i suppose! )
:lol: :lol:

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