Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity - Black Tot Day - 50th Anniversary - Up Spirits!


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"Don't forget to join us on Facebook this Friday for the the 50th anniversary of Black Tot Day.

We'll be joined by Royal Navy veteran and folk-musician Shep Woolley live from HMS Victory to commemorate the occasion.

In the meantime, here's one of Shep's classics, 'It’s Roll on my Time Boys' to get you in the (Up) spirit!"


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Surely it's 'tot of colour' these days?


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Black Tot Day: Rum to celebrate 50 years since Navy ended daily tot

"It seems hard to believe but July 31 marks fifty years since the last rum ration was served in the British Navy.

“Black Tot Day” marks the anniversary of the last day sailors were issue with a daily rum ration – a tradition that began in the mid-17th century.

And whilst rum was watered down into ‘grog’ after a gradual professionalisation of the Navy, it was only in 1970 that sailors didn’t have their pay topped up with a wee tot of warming rum.

The remaining rum was put into flagons and saved for special occasions – and over the course of several years, some of those flagons found their way into the hands of former Naval officers.

But Elixir Distillers co-founder Sukhinder Singh also tracked them down – and blended them together to create the ‘Black Tot Last Consignment.’ That rum has evolved from distilleries long since lost.

Black Tot’s flagship rum, Finest Caribbean, is also inspired by naval traditions. Blended from Barbadan, Guyanan and Jamaican rum, it’s a fine copper-coloured sipping drink as well as an excellent base for cocktails.

And goodness knows, this summer, we could all do with a taste of the Caribbean."

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I don't do neat spirits of any kind. Therefore, in the spirit of solidarity, I'm on my second pint of Dark and Stormy! Had a minor panic when SWMBO quaffed one of my 'secret' tins of ginger beer last night!

Despite joining up in 1970, I would a) have missed it and b) been UA.

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