Royal Navy patrol ship catches and fines vessel for overfishing

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 6, 2011.

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  2. Bit quiet out on the 7 seas?
  3. I shall sleep tonight for knowing this!
  4. What fantastic news, next they'll be monitoring milk in a local primary school.
  5. What a ridiculous waste of resources in every sense of the word.
    The fish have been caught and are dead, chucking them back in the oggin does nothing to help preserve fish stocks.
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  6. over fishing is a big big problem.

    so i don't see it as a waste of resources.
  7. I picked a lot of winkles once with my dad.
  8. I feel guilty for eating that Cod yesterday, have to keep an eye out for anyon with IPOD's rapping my door.
  9. The overfishing problem can be easily prevented by stopping this crazy system of throwing caught fish back in the oggin. As mentioned they are dead... throwing fish below the recommended size back in is daft... they are dead.

    Easiest way of dealing with this, is taking possession of the trawler. Landing its cargo and selling both the cargo and the hull off, or take the ship out to sea and scuttle it. Ships NOT heaving to for boarding may be fired upon in fishery areas.

    We could fit blues and twos to the RN ships... I believe the USCG cutters have them.
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  10. This is revenge because Capt. Birdseye touched them kids.
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  11. 'ooops sorry, might aswell sell it now eh?'

    i agree, but just imagine the accusations of fascism/communism.
  12. Flooing the market would drive the price down though... economic pressure wuld then self restrict the trawling.

    Or just tell the fishy men that 'x and y' is out of bounds, then employ our own fishermen to patrol WITH RN as back up.
  13. It is a waste.
    There is no way of knowing whats going to be in your net when you haul it in.
    By the time you've got your catch aboard and weighed it, its all dead. How does throwing dead fish back in the sea help?
    If fishermen were allowed to land everything they caught they'd only have to put to sea half as often and nothing would be wasted.
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  14. You've been watching Hugh Fearnley Whassisface's Fish Fight, haven't you :)

    Gotta agree though.
  15. Fixed that for you.