Royal Navy P.T.I's HMS Victory tattoo on his bicep at Yeovilton Air Day 2013.

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Hat20, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. Was at the Air Day yesterday and we saw the most amazing tattoo on the bicep of a RN PTI who was helping with the Field Gun comp I think. It was HMS Victory in full sail!! and it didn't even cover his full bicep, wife was very very impressed.
    Would anyone on here know the owner of said tatt and is there any chance of a photo on here of it as it is pretty damm well amazing and wife was going to ask for a pic of it but was too shy.would be appreciated.

  2. Have you tried asking on RumRation or NavyNet? Might have more luck.
  3. After he's done your wife/mother/ probs.
  4. It is unlikely that a clubswinger reads this site.
    It is unlikely that a clubswinger reads anything.

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  5. most PTIs read the mirror . . .
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  6. Will you be the one watching whilst the wifes transom is filled ?
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  7. Of may as well if you pay...or is it you who wants the action with said PTI??...
  8. Was this him? The chap with a charred mouse on his head.

  9. If it's of any use to your wife I've got a Trafalgar Class stencilled on the old chap- it's long and hard and full of se...
    I'll get my coat.
  10. I've got the French admirals ship tattoo'd on my tongue. Tell yer wife it's excellent at going down.
  11. She should simply have opened her compact and pretended to powder her nose.
    The PTI would have been so distracted by trying to get a reflection of himself in the mirror that you could have got shot as many phots for the wife's later 'perusal' as you wished.

    I'm assuming your lady wife carries a powder compact in her handbag along with a handkerchief, nail grooming kit, sundry bits and bobs and the latest issue of 'Club swingers confidential', I apologise in advance if she is just a bit of a muscle slapper.
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  12. I've also got a tat of Napoleon on my member- I've got a Boney-on.
    I'm here all week.
  13. guzzjohn....not that small it wont be...nice try..back to the old self abuse for you!!
  14. Are you sure it was Victory? It could well have been Temeraire.
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  15. It's not really abuse though is it?