Royal Navy Medic Conscientious Objector

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sallyanne09, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. Navy medic


    "Lyons, who comes from a military family and is the great-grandson of a decorated Second World War hero, told the committee: ‘I was unable to find a real, just and noble cause to go out but I still had a sense of duty to my country.

    ‘It was a big dilemma. Soon after, a large number of military documents were leaked by WikiLeaks."

    He goes on to say - "he was further put off when he learnt he might not be able to treat everyone, regardless of who they were".
  2. A method used from time to time to avoid a tour and/or expedite a discharge.
  3. Sounds like a chicken shit **** to me.
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  4. plenty of very brave medics in WWI were conscientious objectors but still went to the Front as stretcher bearers - why couldn't this medic do the same
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  5. Aye to that! Husband's Grandfather was a WW1 'conchie' - he served on the Somme as a stretcher bearer and was a Methodist Lay Preacher, thus his objections. But he served none the less

    However - I can't quite get my head around joining the Military (of whatever colour) and then when the possibility if feeling some 'heat' rears it's head all of a sudden the RN MA become 'morally aware' that the conflict is wrong - mostly it would seem having read Wikileaks.
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  6. Remember we had a lad in my entry who was a born again Christian- joined the navy wanting to become a padre not knowing the proper procedures for such roles and entry- got to week 4 of training where we got taught rifle drill and he just packed it in- being a concencious objector he refused to learn how to handle a rifle. Safe to say "Father" Fry wasn't in the mob for much longer.
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  7. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Why, oh ****ing why do these idiots join up in the first place?

    HMF do warry things, it's in the pamphlets and they even tell you at the recruiting office for christs sake.

    The last joker I read about pulling this stunt was a crab officer doctor who apparently didn't know that the RAF does war on occasion, didn't complain about the benefits of being an officer though did he?

    I always thought that a Conscientious Objector was what you were prior to joining, not after enlistment.

    I ****ing despair, I really do.........
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  8. And they would have been conscripted - unlike this bloke, who volunteered.

    I don't believe a word of what he's claiming as his reasons for refusing to soldier (or whatever the RN equivalent of this is).
  9. I don't like the idea of being next to a fire and potentially burning to death. Therefore I didn't become a fireman.
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  10. HHH

    HHH LE

  11. Cowardice as displayed by this tosspot, should result in a quick Courts Martial and the guilty tosser getting The Death Penalty.
  12. Wish I'd have known about this. I ****ing hated WHT's.
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  13. There were loads of Conchies in WWI who were volunteers.

    I note that this **** is a submariner; I take it he had no qualms about being part of a crew who's sole objective is to rain down a nuclear holocaust on a sizeable chunk of the world, so in what way does he justify holding these seemingly completely opposing views?
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  14. Equal myopia prevails here, and because of this, Defence Force Recruiting now make a point of asking prospective recruits' opinion about the being-ordered-to-kill bit. Plenty of applicants don't even consider it before applying, let alone form an opinion.

    Incredible, but true. What do they think it boils down to? Withering glares?
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  15. now I think the bloke is a ****.
    but how effective would a submariner be in the field? its not a role traditionally linked to being able to leg it about with weight on your back.