Royal Navy fleet during WW2 taking heavy weather video

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Dashing_Chap, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Unfortunately I can't link it directly in.

    Here's a pic of vid:


    Saw this vid on youtube and thought it was pretty spectacular, the detail says "Royal Navy fleet during WW2 taking heavy weather." but I'm not sure which ships are in the vid, one looks a bit like Warspite and maybe a fleet carrier, perhaps some spotters can identify? It's crazy that battleships and carriers are getting thrown about in that storm, makes you wonder what would happen to the destroyers and corvettes.

    It's worth watching on full screen, pretty mad what some of those poor buggers went through, and that's just the weather!
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  2. rampant

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    The 4 Gun Turret marks one of the vessels as a KG V Battleship, possibly KG V herself, though it could be Duke of York or Anson, the carrier is an Illustrious class I think
  3. Heavens. Worth remembering that they had to go out and chip off the ice...

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  4. I assume there was no flying off Carrier that day,though I could be wrong.God knows what it must have been like below deck.
  5. Seen film of Swordfish launch from the small convoy escort carriers in nearly as bad weather - looked bloody hairy - I would have thought recovery virtually impossible.
    Though I would have thought that such seas would have made life impossible for a surfaced submarine as well, making the chances of a successful torpedo attack nil.
  6. Why do people think every vid needs beat music running through it ?. Saw a documentary about the English Game (Holland 42-44?) that had bouts of techno music.

    Why, oh why, oh why (copyright Daily Wail)
  7. Great images, inmpressive really big ships. In what a matelow would call a squall, I assume?
  8. Two King George V class battleships, one Illustrious class carrier and a Leander class cruiser. By the dark blue oblong painted on the side of the carrier and the ice somewhere in the N Atlantic or Barents sea in 1944.

    The cameraman is called Phil Tripcony. That's a rare Cornish name. My Father worked with a Tom Tripcony of the same vintage who'd been an Army Commando. Possibly related? If so the entire family is crazy....
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    That's a millpond shipmate. I've done hands to bathe in worse.


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  11. I have just checked and this is still the ARMY rumour service. The boys with t iPods are in the next room.
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    I've just checked and no one gives a f*ck about what you have to say.
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  14. ICBA to go-ogle it, but I rather suspect there are more sea-going types in those few ships than the entire Andrew ATM. Sad.