Royal Navy field Gun Running

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Harry_Boomers, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. Have just watched the end of Shipmates on BBC 1 .... Field gun running! Whats happened to it! Wheres all the ravine crossing etc? Has it all been cut down for Health & Safety reasons?

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  2. and who were the Army team that won the comp on shipmates? :p :twisted: :p :twisted: :p :twisted:
  3. I think that it may be 7 Bn REME - not sure though
  4. Good to see the Army beat the matelots but its a bit tame compared to the runs you used to see at Earls Court. Now that was something else!
  5. Tame, thats the word i was looking for.... :roll:

  6. At one run they were 2 secs of a world record.....or so they said....dont sound to tame to me.
  7. Yeah I did Earls Court in '91. Good fights with the Navy Gun Teams and the Para's.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Harry, in the Year of our Tony 1999, the world's oldest and biggest military tattoo was binned, and so was the Field Gun Race.

    The Field Gun Run was a tribute to the RN involvement and to those that died during the siege and relief of Ladysmith in 1900 during the Second Boer War.
    Guns were taken from HMS Powerful and hauled overland to Ladysmith by the ship’s Naval Brigade to defend the town against the Boer attack.

    One of the comments was passed from on high was that "enough respect to the dead had been paid."

    So now Tony's evil empire has an unchallenged precedence for how many years we may honour our war dead.
    How much longer will The Great Leader and His Party permit us to keep Armistice Day ?
  9. My Dad was int eh Portsmouth Field Gun team in the late '60s.
    He was small and stocky so he was on of the ones who flew over the ravine sat on the gun carriage.
    He said in the lead up to the Royal Tournament, steaks and milk at every meal and only allowed to drink Guiness on the "Run Ashore"
    Also story went around that on a previous run, one of the team dropped the wheel pin for the final run. used his little finger instead!

  10. Top bloke
  11. The current field gun is Brickwoods aka carpark fieldgun. I never had the chance (or ability!!!!) to do the Command Field Gun but it all got sh1tcanned due to manning restrictions. If you ask me, the sight of the flying angel going through the air did more for recruiting than that sh1te RN tv advert for Gunner-which doesn't fcuking exist!!

  12. Exploding Blancmange wrote:

    I was talking to someone in the office today who was a gun runner from the Gib team a few years back. Apparantly in the interests of speed the pins are put in themn immediately removed and held between the teeth. The wheel men then hold the axle and use their hands to hold the wheels on (but don't put their fingers in the holes...)
  13. Is there a list anywhere on ARRSE of everything this current poxy Government has destroyed, done, disbanded, generally %^&$#d up? if not then maybe we could start one here:

    Military Tattoo
    Field Gun Competition
    Let out Every convicted Terrorist from NI and agreeing it was a War!
    Allowed Bloody Sunday to come to the fore again and to be brought to a court!
    SAS in Gibraltar... Enough Said!
    Disbandment and amalgamation of the Scottish Regiments! cnut!!!

    When will this public learn what this excuse of a Government has done to its' Armed Forces!!!!!
  14. Remember doing security at Earls Court in '97. Massive blokes returning after a night on the beer with some (un)lucky ladies wanting to sneak them in with dodgy passes. Scariest moment of my life having to tell one of them that he had to go to the main entrance to sort it out. nice bloke though cos thats where he went instead of pushing me over with his little finger!!! Talking of fingers, there were a few missing from the teams and I was told they used them instead of pins if they dropped them. Was wondering if they still have the same determination these days. Wouldn't like to ask mind you!!!