Royal Navy engages Russian Navy on exercise

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. Is that the Moskva?
  2. Yes and I believe thats the spanish vessel the "Navarre" at the back unless I'm mistaken
  3. Ah. Just spotted the link. O well...

    Must question the usefulness of Russia's concept of building big bad surface combatants like this and the Kirov in an age where its all about naval aviation and submarines though. And having to turn bows on to your target is another headache compared to the Americans have (and we are heading for) of vertical launching.
  4. And what do you expect naval aviation to fly off?

    Subs are great for some missions - not for others

    There will always be a requirement for surface combatants
  5. Of course there will be, not saying there ever won't be a need for them. Its telling that surface ships make up the bulk of our navy. But theres a thread over on Rum Ration about whether the battleship will ever be used in war again, and the consensus is no, air is much more flexible. We will always need surface combatants and they will probably always constitute the bulk of our forces but in modern times in all-out war they have mainly been used to protect the carrier/assault ships/auxiliaries/STUFT with ASW and AAW.
  6. The biggest limiting factor is cost. But in the modern age of thin skinned shits and hollow charge missiles, there is very little afloat that can sink a battleship.

    Other than a submarine or aircraft with iron bomb ammarment.

    Russias big shit policy for big ship is 2 fold. Firstly an effort to compete with the Americans and secondly because the need the room because they have to double up on equipment because their sailors lack the expertise to fix the kit at sea.
  7. Nice to see how easy it is to give a completely different spin on things!