Royal Navy Cougar 11 Force begins exercises off Cyprus

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, May 13, 2011.

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  2. Sounds just like an older woman looking for sex with young men.
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Cyprus, eh? Not many hours steaming to Benghazi from there.
  4. An interesting development in light of current circumstances:
  5. Nice one but read the article and watch this space. :razz:

    (Incidentally, I once saw a hand appear from the sea and move from side to side. I ignored it of course as it was just another wave.)
  6. Nope, long preplanned exercise.
  7. Bit like Ex Saif Sareea II then. ;-)

    Saif Sareea II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    (edit to add linky thingy to Wikipedia - I know its not the most reliable source on the planet but does let me add a factual basis to a post with a hint of irony)
  8. Glad you've been paying attention.

    However, the "development" that obviously passed over your head was the first Hellfire firings by Apaches at sea (the clue was in the title of the link).

  9. Saif Sareea II …'Over 22,500 personnel, 6,500 vehicles, 21 naval vessels, 49 fixed wing aircraft and 44 helicopters were deployed"
    Cougar 11… 'Over 2,500 personnel, 65 vehicles, 2 naval vessels, and 4 helicopters' is probably nearer the mark. ;P
  10. 7 ships? What an awesome display of British naval power.

  11. Which proves what precisely? That a combat proven missile that's been in service for years works when you press the tit? Did it pass you by that Hellfires at sea are nothing new? USMC and USN have been doing it for years with their SH-60's and AH-1's. Not forgetting of course that Israeli Apaches have been firing Hellfires at land targets from off the coast of various bits of the Levant for many years.
    Was their some super cereal technical challenge the AAC pilots had to master when firing the missile when hovering over water vs land?
  12. You don't think the missiles, kit and spares are just stacked in crates on the flight deck or in the hangar until they are needed do you? If you were a little more savvy about the maritime issues on which you so frequently pontificate, you'd realise that there is more to proving a sea-going capability than just "pressing the tit".
  13. We proved it last year using Ark Royal.
    AH-64's have been also flying off RN decks since 2006. Nothing to see, just an exercise, move along.
  14. But you still can't recognise the difference? If I were you, I'd move along as speedily as possible too. :)