Royal navy confirms a member of hms westminster's crew is missing in dubai

A night on the lash or something more sinister? I hope he turns up ok!
A British sailor has gone missing in Dubai while his ship, HMS Westminster, was docked, the Royal Navy has said.

Timothy Andrew MacColl, 27, from Gosport in Hampshire, was last seen getting into a taxi at 02:00 local time on Sunday after a night out.

The ship arrived in Dubai on Saturday and left on Thursday. Without him????? :idea:

The family of the father of two - originally from Killin, Stirlingshire - said they were "desperately worried".

BBC News - British sailor missing in Dubai
As if being abducted by Al Qaeda wasn't bad enough, his family have gone and told the world that they call him Timmy.
Dubai is not the sort of place I would class as dangerous. Its more likely he got invited to a BA aircrew party and he woke up next to an orange looking stewardess (or steward) and is to embarresed to tell anyone.

And on a serious note, hope he is ok and just AWOL or such like.
Normally a very safe city to wander around. Hope he turns up ok, once outside the main city the desert is very big and very hot this time of the year. If he has gone AWOL the UAE authorities will hand him back quick smart if they find him, if drunk a good kicking and then hand him back. If he's been snatched, a lot of routes South to Yemen through the east facing Emirtes and Oman, no real border security and many small ports. Never seen a policeman yet in those areas.

Come home soon fella.
Quite common for matelots to be adrift in Dubai - normally due to, as already mentioned - BA or emirates crew parties, or Russian whores. I think the time he's been away could rule out the trapping a divs bird and having a hangover that would kill a civvy reason though. Hope he is OK.
This guy is still missing then. It's been a while now and that's obviously not good news.
Things have gone quiet over here too. His family came out for a bit, but I don't think it brought anything new out.

I do hope he's AWOL and is hanging out the back of a cheap LBFM as I type, but...
This guy is still missing then. It's been a while now and that's obviously not good news.
Unless of course he's attempting to beat the world record for hide and seek.

Seriously, it's safe to assume he's not gone AWOL and you'd expect any accidental nastiness that may have happened to have surfaced by now. Likewise, if he'd been kidnapped, we'd probably have heard by now. Though I'd happily be proven wrong, the only explanation that seems to add up is murder for non-political reasons.
You get some****ed up Taxi drivers over there mostly Paks who's education about the western world is more than abit jaded......I hope he is loved up with some chinese prostitutes and gets back when his knackers dry up!!
For those intrested the Type 42 Association have been keeping tabs on what's going on: Login

Posted on 18th July:
NEW information has emerged about the last-known movements of the missing sailor Timmy MacColl who vanished in Dubai seven weeks ago.
The Gosport dad-of-two’s family yesterday revealed local detectives have spoken to the taxi driver who picked up the 27-year-old outside a nightclub at 2am on May 27.
It is claimed the driver told Dubai police he got lost inside Port Rashid, where Timmy’s warship HMS Westminster was docked during a break from patrolling the Gulf.
‘When he stopped at a tea shack to get directions Timmy got out the cab,’ his relatives said in a statement.
It is currently unknown where Timmy – whose wife Rachael, 25, is 30 weeks pregnant – went next.
The family said they were given the information during a meeting with the Dubai police chief Lt General Dahi Khalfan al Tamim when they travelled to the country.
Lt Geb al Tamin also showed relatives CCTV footage of the sailor outside the Rock Bottom club before two shipmates put him into the taxi.
Timmy’s uncle Colin MacColl, 52, said: ‘After the meeting with the police in Dubai everybody was at their lowest point emotionally.
‘But we were taken out to the port that night and saw for ourselves how it was almost impossible for anybody to get to the water’s edge.’
Royal Navy divers from the mine-hunters HMS Middleton and HMS Pembroke conducted searches in Port Rashid earlier this month following a request for help from Dubai police.
A navy spokesman told The News ‘nothing significant’ was found.
Mr MacColl added: ‘The fact that the searches have failed to find anything just raises more questions about what has happened to Timothy.
‘We are urging anybody who knows anything no matter how small to contact Dubai Police.’
Detectives continue to investigate Timmy’s whereabouts and were said to have re-interviewed witnesses.
Sailors from HMS Westminster have also been quizzed again and their statements handed to Dubai officers, Timmy’s family said.
The warship is due to return to Portsmouth Naval Base next month.
The renewed appeal came after Timmy’s relatives travelled to his home-town in Scotland at the weekend and visited the old frigate HMS Unicorn in Dundee.
A photo of the missing sailor, surrounded by yellow ribbon, and a poster are on display at the tourist attraction.
I don't buy the taxi driver "not knowing" where the ship was in Port Rashid. There was CCTV there last time I was there also. I know this because I got "pinged" almost straight away for climbing inside one of the hundreds of very expensive cars that were parked up, unlocked, awaiting export or had just been imported.

I'm sure the authorities have considered all this though.
As if being abducted by Al Qaeda wasn't bad enough, his family have gone and told the world that they call him Timmy.
What does your mummy call you then?

'Mistake' or is it 'Contraceptive Failure'

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