Royal Navy & Brit Army to get laser weapons

Don't think I've seen this posted yet:

In an announcement made by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the UK Government cemented their commitment to dramatically increasing its defence budget.

"This £72.5million investment into laser and radio frequency weapons comes as the Armed Forces sees an increase of £24billion in Defence spending over the next four years.

Three contracts have been awarded to Thales and Raytheon UK to produce new Directed Energy Weapons, as the MoD looks to future-proof existing ships and army vehicles."


Image from telegraph

Armed Forces to trial laser weapons for the first time​

British Army and Royal Navy will mount high-tech weapons on Wolfhound vehicle and Type-23 frigate, with aim of full capabilities in 10 years

Does this mean that during training troops will have to yell "Zapzapzap!' instead of "Dakkadakka pew pew!" ?

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