Royal Navy bomb squad recovers torpedo

Ministry of Defence said:
A team of Royal Navy explosive experts has recovered a 1954 Mark 9 torpedo off the coast of Beachy Head, Eastbourne, after a fishing boat spotted it floating in the sea.

How on earth did it re-float itself, presumably after having been on the sea bed for forty or fifty years....?!
good point, no expert but is there anything inside that could of degraded withtime creating gasses that alter boyancy


Hmm the things you chuck off beachy Head that you would rather stayed sunk eh?


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Look on the bright side, at least the Navy's now got something to fire at the enemy.


The Royal Navy is currently conducting an investigation into which submarine/Swordfish is 67 years overdue.
I wasn't aware that the Navy had live-fire "ranges" in the Channel. Or would it have been washed overboard from a surface vessel? Can/will its source be traced?


HMS Vernon was outbased in Eastbourne during the war but for the Land Incident teams.
So the torpedo probably didn't have a warhead, rather than it having been "completely rotted away"?
God know how many torpedos were never recovered from exercises Not to mention the live ones that missed!. IIR a reward was pad for spotting one or recovery. Love to have seen the faces on Vernons gate guard as a cart turned up withan 8 strapped on the back. Btw What was a mk9? And do we still have any mk8's in service?

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