Royal Navy blows up WW2 German mine in Thames Estuary

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 10, 2012.

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  2. From the story, it appears a first attempt to blow it up failed when the demolition charge failed to "ignite". So then, one assumes, they had to go back to an even more dangerous situation to make a second attempt. No, I am not an ATO so I may be using the wrong terminology. Brave lads though those RN divers.
  3. One of my old skippers trawled up one of those in his nets. The detonation blew windows out in Falmouth bay.
  4. Heard it go off, and I was six miles away near Faversham. Makes you realise how noisy WW2 must have been for the civpop.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Do we send the bill to the Germans for that one?
  6. Nope, but you can safely bet there'll be some sort of strange EU Fisheries regulation stating that compensation is due to Belgium owing to the number of fish 'murdered' by the activities of Andrew. Was this discussed beforehand with Nigel Farage whose constituency is within hearing distance of said explosion? Were the crew wearing hearing protection and Hi-Viz tabards?
  7. It's nothing fancy, they go for a row in their rubber dinghy, slip on their paddling gear and stick a 10lb pack on the mine.

    ATO's could do it, but the Army won't issue inflatable arm bands.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Flippers and dobbers?
  9. Dingerr, I get that the job isnt complex but, from the article, it would appear that they had already done the "stick 10 lb of explosives on it and light the fuse from a safe distance" routine but the charge failed to go off. So they then had to do it all again in a situation that, I assume, was now a little bit more risky than it was before.
  10. There was a "land mine" blown up at Stert near Weston Super Mud. The local fishermen had been mooring up on it for years. Turned out that it was still a good 'un VIDEO
  11. Whereas those Divers can and do dispose of EOD on land too....

    Go on, bite, I DARE you... ;)
  12. I always thought the high tide mark was the limit of jurisdiction.
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  13. Yes, on par with the RE! And that's when you eventually get there after spending hours deciding on which vehicle to take, hmmm, pinz? Landy? Bomb truck? Oooh oooh I can't decide.

    It's like bloody wimmin and shoes.
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  14. Like these, you mean?

    Sure beats operating 180 ft underwater in thick silt, zero viz and over a knot of tidal stream running. As experience has shown, it's easier to train fit, professional mixture divers to perform EOD/IEDD than train ATOs to dive. Isn't that right, Dingerr? :)
  15. Calm down sweet lips I was having a bit of fun, if you can't see the humour in my posts above then you need to pop over to RR.