Royal Navy amputee with just £16 a month Universal Credit told to ‘get a job’ by DWP

Well views are divided on Final RV, some people state let down by the system and others classing him as a bum, long story short his pension is affecting his benefits entitlement of UC

Should veterans exclusively be getting entitlements above and beyond what is already available to gen-pop?

The answer is, yes, with the proper rehab and treatment etc he could effectively work, his options obviously limited to something perhaps desk-based administration,

After doing the mathes it seems he wasn't "medically discharged" recently, he voluntarily discharged himself over 29 years ago so the story is a little misleading and using the forces as a bone to throw the audience reading it,

What is he expecting the rest of the universe to do?
Park the bus up, it's just a misunderstanding.

A DWP spokesman said: “Mr Barnes’ capability assessment was completed before his operation. In light of his current health situation, staff are of course reviewing his Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments.


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One expects nautical types to rise above this sort of setback:

"…But Kevin, 62, is petrified what will happen once he's back out on civvy street."

He seems to have not noticed he's been 'out on civvy street' for 30 years


From what I've read, he is married with two children, if the family income is £500 a month he with get
rent rebate, council tax paid and pension credit among other things
The story is a load of rubbish
Shouldnt he set up some kind of funding page?


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Pretty much the only way your typical matelot’s going to lose a few kilos. Wee bit extreme though.

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