Royal Naval survey ship discovers sunken dhows

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Nov 30, 2012.

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  2. The clarity of the images is impressive.
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  3. That's because the RN tub hit the same rock that sank the dhows... you can't see it from the pictures but HMS Enterprise landed between the dhows.
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  4. Like to see the images they got in Souda Bay.
  5. We've been using this gear for close on 20 years.
    Admittedly, the graphic resolution is getting better, (Mind you at these depths it bloody well should be.)

  6. In relation to my post, I had to read your post twice :D
  7. And this is interesting or important because...?

    ...or is it just me thinking that the money spent of keeping MOD PR types in a job could be spent better elsewhere?

  8. Is there actually some biff sitting in mod main building copy and pasting articles from the official mod website onto here? If so, I want that job. Cheers easy
  9. Yes, and at Leach Building, a department of them led by a Commodore.
    RN Media Comms is taken very seriously.
  10. Just as well they sank, otherwise the crews would have been claiming JSA in Liverpool by now.
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  11. As well as helping to update some of the 3,300-plus Admiralty Charts which are used by many of the world's seafarers (including the Royal Navy)

    A ringing endorsement of the trust the Royal Navy places in the Royal Navy's charts.
  12. There has been nothing wrong with the charts in whichever incident you are alluding to, it's all been down to human error.
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  13. I'm sure there isn't, the top quote comes from the navy press release, it seemed to me that the brackets indicate a certain amount of suprise from the issuers of said charts.
  14. It's also part of the blurb on the Home Page of the UK Hydrographic Office website:

    Most of the data has been captured by the Royal Navy over a considerable period so it's probably prudent to point out that its ships rely on it too. Apart from foreign training and fishery protection, the HO is one of the few cash cows the MoD still has, especially since the losses of DESO to UK Trade & Investment in April 2008 and the Met Office to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in July last year.

  15. So, no sign of any Spitfires then...?