Royal Naval Reserve Int Branch recruiting nationally

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by HMS_FERRET_RECRUITMENT, May 3, 2009.

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  1. HMS FERRET is the Royal Naval Reserves (RNR) centre of excellence for the provision of trained intelligence personnel to conduct Naval and military intelligence roles on exercise and operations across the world.?

    We are currently seeking to expand our numbers, particularly at Sgt level and below. If you are currently in the TA, and affected by the recent changes in force structure, and are considering your future options, then why not consider a transfer to the RNR?

    Transferring to the unit provides an opportunity to join one of the most important branches in the RNR, and one that is in constant demand to provide individual augmentees to deploy on operations. If you are keen to deploy, and are seeking to work in a land environment conducting highly sensitive and challenging work which can have a real impact then why not get in touch?

    Entry Policy
    You must be a sole UK national, and willing to undergo the Developed Vetting Process.

    Assessment Policy
    Some potential entrants with prior experience in the J2 world may be able to transfer directly. We would expect that the majority of entrants may need to sit an assessment weekend to confirm if they meet the requirements for the branch.

    Transfer process
    At the moment transferring services is handled via JPA. If you are interested in coming over, then DO NOT LEAVE THE TA! If you resign then it becomes significantly more complicated to put you into the system.

    The Navalisation Process[/b]
    If you come across, then we would expect you to maintain your equivalent rank (i.e. Sgt becomes Petty Officer, Corporal becomes Leading Seaman). There will be a need to undergo some 'navalisation training' to teach you RN methods of drill and uniform, but this will be determined on a case by case basis. You may also need to take an RN medical to determine that you meet RN medical requirements (please no 'golden rivet jokes here - they're very dull after a while!)

    Training Requirements
    If you join FERRET, then you will be able to attend drill nights at your local Reserve unit (13 units across the UK). To obtain bounty, you will be required to conduct 24 days training per year - at least 12 days operational training on courses or exercise, and up to `12 days in support of wider RNR training or activities. The bulk of branch training is done at regular weekends in Portsmouth, known as MERWEX weekends - these are held monthly throughout the year.

    Is this a Wah?
    No! The individuals manning this account are long standing ARRSE members, and the COs are aware of identities. This is a genuine post.

    The most common FAQs can be found at this link on Rumration -
    Please feel free to post any general questions here though.

    If you are interested then please don't hesitate to get in touch via PM - all applications will be handled on a strictly confidential basis. We will not make any contact with your parent units until you are at a point where you have been found eligible for entry to the RNR Intelligence Branch, and you decide that you wish to transfer.
  2. I'm currently reading 'The Mystery of Rommel's Gold' by Peter Haining (RIP)... the Second Chapter is entitled: 'The Spymaster in Mitre Court' this chapter is all about Peter Hainings' meeting with Sir Ian Lancaster Fleming (James Bond Author) at his office in London.

    For anyone interested in the Naval Intelligence Division, it may or may not come as a surprise that Commander Ian Fleming worked out of Room 39 at the Admiralty and was one of the best in the Intelligence side of life during WWII, helping to plan for and train a group of Commando's called the 30AU (30 Commando Assault Unit) whose job was to gather intelligence; it goes on to say how the James Bond character and the many novels could very well have been based around Sir Ian Flemings' career and those he trained or met whilst working with the NID and possibly later with MI6 (not confirmed).

    Some interesting history of the NID none the less... :wink:
  3. Upper age limit ??
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. "Upper age limit ?? "

    We'll look at people into their 40's. Rather than specify a certain age, we're more interested in what return of service we can get out of someone - if someone is late 40's but can deploy in 6 months and do a couple of tours over a few years, then they would be of value to us.
  6. MSR - the webpage is very out of date now, and is awaiting an update (a long story in itself). For definitive answers, it is best to use the FAQs or send a PM. For existing in service personnel we'd like to apply some flexibility - better to be flexible and keep someone in the reserves, than apply the rules and lose someone forever.
  7. Unfortunately, the RNR Intelligence Branch FAQ's make it clear that the job does NOT involve parachuting in and slotting bad guys with a Walther/H&K/knife/watch with a concealed garrotte/your bare hands, blowing the place to Kingdom Come and finishing by bashing in the back doors of any(Hot)female survivors. :roll:

    If you want that kind of job, you'll have to join SBS(R)! :D

    And good luck with that; Super Booties are even choosier than the Hooligans... 8O
  8. msr

    msr LE

    So the advice remains: Phone them up and ask :)

  9. " So the advice remains: Phone them up and ask"

    Almost - the branch recruiters (serving reservists) are the ones who monitor this account and are the ones best placed to offer advice. If you ring up, then it'll just take longer for you to be put in contact with us. PMs are the best means of getting a very prompt response to queries, not ringing the unit.
  10. Are they all 6 month tours or can you do 3 month ones as per some specialist reservists?
  11. Alternatively, those affected by recent restructuring who wish to stay in green and fancy an INT role could look at 3MI Bn or 5MI Bn.

    Just a thought. Like your style though Ferret.
  12. 6 Month tours are the default option as by the time you're comfortable with the areas you would be working in, almost 3 months have usually elapsed anyway.

    Some other RNR branches do 3 month tours though for different roles.