Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia)

Hey Peeps,

Has anybody come across these chaps and chapettes. They are after all the 'Senior' reserve regiment of the Army, but are they any good?

Some of them looked slightly on the plump side when I caught a glance out of the corner of my beedy little eye...But on the other hand I understand they've been deployed on the Teleks. And they have thier own castle. That's all I know (About anything).

Oracle required.
Can't claim ot be an oracle, muhc less disinterested and consequently impartial on this one, but when I worked with them for a bit I found them as switched on as any and a good deal more than some.
And their castle is tres glam...
Apart from that, and them being the only regiment to have twoo "royals" in their name..........
I think they were supposed to be the RE TA's "premier" regiment, on the least notice to move, at one time (although I would have put my money on 72 Tyne in a fight!) The way these things are thought about has no doubt changed somewhat since the days we were ostensibly supposed to mobilise en masse against the red hordes but from having spent some time with them they seem pretty reasonable, better than the RE TA average - more esprit de corps for one. Sure, there's a few fatties and the Brummy accent doesn't always create the best impression...
We had some attached to us on Telic 1 and they were good, switched on and hard working lads, and you can't really ask for more than that can you?
i worked with them ... admittedly a few years ago and echo plant pilots sentiments.. good lads.

they re-palletised our MGB for us while we f*cked off to build the next 10 .... aaaah bridge gallops ... a thing of the past now i suppose ????

Mr Happy

I worked with them, found them a nice bunch. They were up to my standards but then that isn't very hard these days.

Another cup of tea, Lurverly.

I'm one of them, not one of 'them', one of the militia. I've just transferred to them and they have a lot of very hard working sappers. A very friendly, almost family like regiment, good training weekends and good socials. Regiment's big into its skiing and biathlon, picked up a few medals in the last competition. They did go out on Telic and from what i gather it went pretty well. There is the odd big lad, but i think you'd struggle to find a TA trade unit without one, and everyone puts the effort in.
One the whole a hard working, freindly unit.
SENTA 1986 we had engineer support (2 blokes?) from "a London Unit" who brought down some snazzy diggers to help us dig in Mexi shelters.
One digger was effectively a JCB painted green and on Day 1, the larger of the Sappers dropped the front end in the hole he was digging, well in too! No problem he thought, except that it had lots of civvy interlocks which prevented it taking its own weight. The RE went off to find REME and left the blokes scratching their heads. I'd just got back to RHQ having dug my lot into a hobbit sized hole, when I and all the REMFs were grabbed and taken up there and issued with a spade to help dig it out. I remember it was feckin hot too. We had been digging a while and all our SNCOs and Officers had b*ggered off to sort out important things when a Capt from RMRE(M) arrived and asked what was going on. A Cpl explained all about interlocks etc, but he hopped up, started up and spent about 10 minutes twitching levers before driving it back up the ramp he'd created. Then he just politely bade us farewell and went on his way. No dramas, no sneering, but he must have dined out on it for years - the Senior TA Regiment digging the Oldest TA Regiment out of the sh*t (literally), well digging the Sappers out actually, but it's still a good story.

The following day, Laurel & Hardy were tasked with putting in another OP - on the top of a little hill by Dixies Corner IIRC. They used the (recovered) JCB but got it bogged down this time. So they started digging themselves out. It took them all day and ended with lots of 20' runs with the dozer blade down, effectively removing quite a few feet from that particular spot height. Funny as feck! They then drove down the hill (it was dark by then) with all lights blazing (everyone else was supposed to be tactical) and we never saw them again. The boys who were supposed to be dug in there were left with nowhere to stay and an ever so slightly give away track plan.

It's always nice to see some plant arriving but even more fun when there's a cabaret involved!
Good effort fellas! Thanks for all the info. I'm in S.Wales, too old for real soldiering, but posh enough to drill in a castle, so I may pop down to them and ask the Colonel, between pink gins, for a commision.


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