Royal Millitary Police


Im wanting to jion the army this year and i have all ready went to my first interview and i'm going for my BARB test this monday (19th) and im hoping to jion the royal millitary police. Im 16 and im hoping to go in next year.

Im just wondering if anyone in the RMP or the army have any help or tips for the BARB test and selection.

Thanks :D
Hello, I am very interested in joining the Royal Military Police it would be a dream for me, however the Army jobs websites state the miniuim grades maths english gcse's are at grade C's and i have D's and E's shamefully. I do have key skills maths and english but do not know if they as much use as a blind lifeguard, are there any waivers or is it all set in stone.

Would appreciate any comments please.
8O really

the bloke in the carrers office told me that i was fine (he knew i was 16)

strange that.

i will enquire about that on monday as im going in for my BARB test.
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