Royal Military Tattoo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by woopert, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. An Early Day Motion was entered on 26/1/06 demanding of the Gov't that they keep their pledge for a Military Pageant following their decision to scrap the Tattoo in 1999.

    Only 35 names have been added to the motion. Full details can be found HERE of who has signed and who hasn't.

    A quick email to your MP asking why they have failed to support the EDM may elicit a few interesting responses from our "elected members"...
  2. If you don't know how to contact your MP then use this
  3. Can I ask why the RMT was scrapped in the first place?
  4. Official reason was cost, real reason was probably the New Labour project to eradicate any trace of national pride, identity, and history prior to 1997.
  5. Neu Arbeit fail to live up to a promise - quelle surprise.
  6. Looks like it's a quick trip north of the border again but I bet Edinburgh is sold out already.

    Loved those Scottish Country Dancers (from NZ)

    I like a bit of culture and you should have seen the t1ts on them!
  7. Because it had become rubbish. High quality military display teams were interspersed with the dull (Essex Dog Training Club), the dross (poorly pitched recruiting efforts that neither inspired nor captivated) or the dubious (too much leverage of sponsors). The net effect was franky to devalue the army brand in a format that had become tired and unimaginative.

    We are better off without it - but something new is needed. There are plenty of precedents which could be fine tuned. SuperWED, CAFD, BAEE's etc. Find somewhere by the sea with a good weapons template and go for it.
  8. Edinburgh is sold out, The scottish dancers are great. But i wonder if the standard of totty on the tattoo will go down now that Col Mel. has stepped down as producer. He had a great eye for the ladies and travelled the world each year to bring back eye candy for the massed Pipes & Drums. He will be missed.

    It would be great to see the royal tournament brought back, Just for military acts, white helmets, naval gun teams, Military bands, Pipes and Drums. But sadly i dont think we have the manpower to commit to such an event again. It is unfair to send the troops on operations then on thier return take them away from their familly for the tattoo.

    This happens often with the Pipes and Drums that perform at edinburgh.

    The Royal Military Tattoo 2000 was a great show but if it could be done succesfully every year i do not know.
  9. Edinburgh works and every year. Ok if you're from the UK then you don't stand a chance as the McEwans from Wisconsin have block booked.

    Can't wait for this years one. I like a show that includes the diverse countries and their diverse cultures and their diverse acts but especially the scottish country dancers with big t1ts. I won't say anything about my diverse acts though.
  10. Cpl ripper
    Excellent link to mailing your MP
    I'll be knocking a few letters out on a variety of subjects!!
  11. Thanks for pointing this out Woopert. A missive is winging it's way to my MP right now as his name was noticeably absent on the EDM listing, though I won't hold my breath for a coherent response. I'm still waiting for his reply to my letter requesting PQs on several things, including the issue of body armour to our troops in Iraq.

    I was fortunate enough to attend the splendid Military Tattoo in 2000 held on Horseguards, quite emotional as I recall, it being the last display of military pageantry for the foreseeable. Would love to see something similar resurrected, I believe it would be an important part of re-generating national and armed forces pride.
  12. Of particular interest are the members of the "Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme" whereby MP's are given the honarary rank equivalent of Lt Col/WingCo/Cdr in their sponsor service and sent off on jollies in order to educate them in the ways of the services. My MP, a serving RE(V) Maj and member of the defence Select Cttee is on this as an RAF rep.

    As of 2003, the following MP's have taken part in the scheme:

    Adam Ingram (L) Army
    Adrian Flook (C) Royal Marines
    Alan Keen (L) Royal Air Force
    Andrew Mackinlay (L) Royal Marines
    Andrew Miller (L) Royal Navy
    Ann Keen (L) Royal Air Force
    Anne McGuire (L) Royal Navy
    Anne McIntosh (C) Royal Navy
    Austin Mitchell (L) Royal Navy
    Bob Russell (LD) Army
    Brian Donohoe (L) Royal Air Force
    Calum MacDonald (L) Army
    Cheryl Gillan (C) Royal Air Force
    Claire Ward (L) Royal Marines
    Dan Norris (L) Royal Air Force
    David Borrow (L) Army
    David Crausby (L) Royal Marines
    David Drew (L) Army
    David Heath (LD) Royal Navy
    David Jamieson (L) Royal Marines
    David Stewart (L) Royal Air Force
    David Watts (L) Army
    David Wilshire (C) Royal Navy
    Debra Shipley (L) Royal Navy
    Dr. John Reid (L) Army
    Dr. Julian Lewis (C) Royal Air Force
    Dr. Robert Spink (C) Royal Marines
    Edward Garnier QC (C) Army
    Edward Leigh (C) Royal Navy
    Frank Cook (L) Army
    Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (C) Royal Air Force
    Gerald Howarth (C) Army
    Gerald Steinberg (L) Royal Air Force
    Gillian Merron (L) Royal Air Force
    Gwyn Prosser (L) Royal Navy
    Hugh Bayley (L) Royal Air Force
    Ian Davidson (L) Royal Marines
    Ivan Henderson (L) Royal Navy
    James Cran (C) Royal Marines
    James Gray (C) Army
    Jimmy Hood (L) Army
    Jim Murphy (L) Royal Navy
    Joan Walley (L) Royal Air Force
    John Greenway (C) Royal Air Force
    John Home Robertson (L) Army
    John McWilliam (C) Royal Marines
    John Wilkinson (C) Royal Marines
    Jonathan Shaw (L) Army
    Kerry Pollard (L) Royal Navy
    Linda Perham (L) Royal Navy
    Lindsay Hoyle (L) Royal Marines
    Lorna Fitzsimons (L) Army
    Marion Roe (C) Royal Navy
    Mark Todd (L) Royal Navy
    Martyn Jones (L) Royal Air Force
    Michael Connarty (L) Army
    Michael Fabricant (C) Royal Marines
    Mike O'Brien (L) Army
    Nicholas Winterton (C) Army
    Nick Hawkins (C) Army
    Nigel Evans (C) Royal Air Force
    Paddy Tipping (L) Royal Marines
    Paul Keetch (LD) Royal Navy
    Peter Bottomley (C) Royal Air Force
    Peter Luff (C) Royal Navy
    Rachel Squire (L) Royal Navy
    Roger Gale (C) Royal Navy
    Sandra Gidley (LD) Army
    Sir George Young Army
    Stephen Hepburn (L) Royal Marines
    Stephen McCabe (L) Royal Air Force
    Stephen Pound (L) Royal Navy
    Syd Rapson (L) Royal Marines
    Terry Lewis (L) Royal Air Force
    The Right hon. Dr. Gavin Strang (L) Royal Air Force
    Tom Cox (L) Royal Navy
    Tony Colman (L) Royal Air Force
    Tony McWalter (L) Royal Navy

    An interesting exercise (fopr when I'm truely bored) will be to compare the names of those members who have enjoyed flights in the back of fast-jets, gone haring round STANTA in whatever the army has to offer, or a few nights on the vino and port in the wardroom of HMS Roleless and who have not returned the compliment of actually supporting HMF in this, or any other EDM or Bill.
  13. Didn't learn much then

    No Anne Widdecombe, definite candidate for the APTC.
  14. Is it just me or is big tone growing a little inch wide moustache, wearing a red white and black armband with a funny cross on andwaving a lot? Reminds me of someone...hmmmmm......washisname?
  15. Nick Griffin?

    Haven't noticed the moustache though.