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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Paul12345, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. hi was thinking of joing the army to go in the royal military police and i was after as much info as i can before i go to carrers office so i have made my mind up before hand wt i want to join could someone give me some advice about the rmp like whats it like hard to get into how long id have to wait to get in etc and anything at all really cheers in advance.
  2. INCOMING!!! lol
  3. Fcuk me. I was blue in the face by the time I finished reading that! Firstly, I would get a dictionary, learn how to use punctuation and to talk proper English! Not even the RMP would take someone who has such shite grammar! In fact maybe they would having had dealings with them!
  4. Seconded
  5. Try the Engineers. You sound like a lad who knows his way round a shovel.
  6. why is everyone obsessed with grammar on this site?
    people come on, ask questions that alot of people would be interested to know the answer to and all you have to say is get a dictionary? i think we can all see he is retarted and illiterate.

    btw can someone give a decent answer to the car driving thread
  7. Because poor grammar results in poor comprehension. If you want a coherent answer, phrase your question accordingly.
  8. If you want to join the RMP and be a future PIG - don't expect any reaonable answer's from us lot ok.

  9. Yeah, that's right. Don't expect any reasonable answers from 'Billy F*ckwit' and his mates. OK?

    Coming round here with your visions of grandeur.
  10. Dont do it, find another job. From the outside the RMP looks like a good job, but when your in, all you want to do is find another job. There's a reason why the RMP has the biggest sign off and transfer rate!
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Biccie - that is no way to talk about yourself and your former Monkey colleagues now, is it? :blowkiss:
  12. Join the RMPs - the army needs traffic wardens!
  13. such as??

    its that type of thread that highlights the difficulties of communicating with illiterits
  14. There speaks the voice of experience! Remind us - 18 months you've been in?
  15. Shouldn't you be down the bingo, you old c*nt?