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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Heff30, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone new here and thinking of joining the RMP just got a few questions.

    First Question: I need something that keeps me stimulated and stop me from getting bored, in your experience does being a RMP keep you shall we say entertained? (By entertained I don't mean laughing, joking etc I mean Is there something different everyday)

    Heard a few people say that they carry weapons but some say they dont could someone clarify? Is it only when abroad? or when on base? or what?

    Why do RMP's have to carry their warrant cards at all times? In what circumstances would they need to present their warrant card other than when on duty?

    Are they like police man they are always basically on duty? as in they still have their powers when off duty?

    What are the different types of units i no you have SIB equiv to CID, CP, GPD is their a dog unit etc? The army website doesnt seem to hold this information?

    I read somewhere RMP's police all forces now not just army?

    What do the RMP's deal with mostly? Assualts? Drunk and Disorderly people?

  2. Welcome to the forum from You will get your usual load of bullshit from the resident window lickers. Take no notice of them. There are some serving regulars on here who will be able to answer your queries. Good luck in your quest to join the RMP. ;)
  3. I thought I'd recognised your name been reading lots of your posts over on haha and cheers :D
  4. You could entertain yourself by learning to command the English language first!
  5. To do what? take statements? Not when it gets as hard as this.

    Person Reporting - Smith
    Location - Flat 6
    Incident - Stolen Mini Disc player and 2 tubes of Barbeque Pringles. 01/04/1999
    Nothing Further To Report until around Christmas 2003.
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  6. A good way to draw attention that you didn't want to this thread, eh T_H_M!.....And you wonder why your capbadge gets so much grief from all others! :roll:
  7. I refer the learned gentleman to the first line of The Highwayman's last post!

    Still, at least I learned that you can still buy Mini Discs. Who knew?
  8. One walked from my unlocked room; I cant whinge really, it was nestled on the deck amongst a pile of 'Bottom' videos and a fortnight of unwashed tour gear.

    War is hell apparently.
  9. Really informative.
  10. Not at all, I couldn't give a **** about the wrong type of attention. Any new threads from members enquiring about RMP, you get the usual gobshites spouting bollocks about shite they know **** all about. So therefore I stand by my initial statement.
  11. Here here highway_man! The fountain of truth as always is on ukpoliceonline and .
  12. Thank you kind sir!! :-D
  13. Ok I'll give you a serious answer to your questions:

    1) I'm not going to lie to you, General Policing Duties can become boring and repatitive, however, there are times where you get to deal with something a little different entertaining!! But there is a massive amount of paperwork to do after it! It all really depends on where your posted, a German Pro Coy will attract the slightly busier woking lifestyle with some intresting investigations where a posting to Northern Ireland/Bulford/Donnington will make your eyes bleed with your basic theft of a bike level of crime!

    2) Its been a few years since I've been in Germany now, but the general score was on duty in Germany you carried providing you were in date. In the UK you dont. Pretty sure you dont either in Cyprus, but whilst employed on GPD duties you do carry the same rig as the civil police (less the CS), regardless of where your posted.

    3) You have to carry your warrant card at all times as its the document which proves you are indeed a Service Police NCO (or officer), remember any old spanker can get his hands on a red beret, MP patch etc. Also there may be times where your in plain clothes and have to identify yourself.

    4) Members of the RMP are considered on duty at all times (exactly as members of the Armed Forces are always considered on duty) and have powers of arrest at any time, provididng that arrest critera has been met. Obviously being pissed up in town and trying to nick someone isnt encouraged!!

    5) The types of main unit are, General Police Duties (GPD) which is your equivelent to uniformed policing. Special Investigations Branch (SIB) which is like the civi CID, which you can ellect to transfer to after a set amount of time after GPD work. There is also the Close Protection (CP) side of life which you do whilst GPD and go away and do all that BGing stuff then return to GPD work. The RMP dont have a dog unit anymore, although they dont tell you this at the AFCO.

    6) Members of the RMP have always had powers over those in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force (as do those in the RNP & RAFP have powers over soldiers). With the recent introduction of the Armed Forces Act, it has done away with single service acts and brought everyone under the same piece of legislation.

    7) As i said earlier, it depends on where your posted. A posting to 110 Pro Coy (Sennelager) you'll be dealing with alot of drunken soldiers/assaults and domestic related incidents where a posting to 158 Pro Coy (Bulford) will have you dealing with some really basic shitty thefts on camp and the odd Traffic Collision.

    Hope this helps, one piece of advice its not the RMPs as we're not the Royal Military Police's!

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  14. Thanks for that comprehensive reply MK. I've been out 18 years and things have changed massively in that time. I wouldn't like to be accused of giving duff info to potential applicants as a lot of it would be out of date. Cheers bud :thumright:
  15. Doesn't seem as if that much has changed if anything in general terms.

    But it seems that if you get to the top you can always reach for a bottom:

    Top Army officer Major Graham Smith in 'sex act prank' | The Sun |News