Royal Military Police - why ?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Cutaway, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    As the "HIGHER PAY BAND FOR RAF TG17 (HR)" thread progressed there were a few questions hat cropped up reference the RMP.
    Due to juvenile bickering and a internet hardman it was unfortunately locked before any answers were forthcoming so I thought we could continue the questions here.

    As background most of the relevant posts are shown below. Hopefully I've not omitted any important ones:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 14:12:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 14:37:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 15:01:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 18:24:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 19:12:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 19:14:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 19:15:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 19:17:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 20:01:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 20:10:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 20:14:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 20:22:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 21:56:

    Sat 29 Nov 08 at 23:19:

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 00:43:

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 01:04:

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 01:34:

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 01:44:

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 08:55

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 08:55

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 08:56

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 08:58

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 08:58

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 08:59

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 09:01

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 09:05

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 09:01

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 09:08

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 09:12

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 09:14

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 09:19

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 09:22

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 09:28

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 12:04

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 09:37

    Sun 30 Nov 08 at 16:11

    Mon 01 Dec at 10:02

    I think that gives the general layout of the two opposing views, now with over ten days in which to digest the posts, are there any answers forthcoming our RMP bretheren ?
  2. Cool - a cut n paste bitch fight!
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Not a bitch fight Airfix, just bringing the relevant gen out so that it is all in context.

    There were a number of question that were avoided and some others that cropped up.
    I'd just like to hear the reasoned answers.
  4. Seem to me the over riding theme of those post is can't the RMP job be done by someone else. Well on the same theme does this mean we Bin the Royal Signals and outsource it to Atlas? RLC to Eddie Stobart and the REME to Quick fit? SPS to Office Temps and I'm sure Olive would be happy to apply for the Infantry Contract, the list is endless but as far as I can see every Corps has a role in the current ORBAT and bitchin about one Cap badge or another is a pretty pointless exercise.
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Baldrick - Cunning and correct.
  6. Baldrick, you've hit the nail on the head with that one mate. Each Corps has a unique set of skills, all of which bring something to the party. The problem here is not one of whether we (RMP) have anything to offer, because quite obviously we do, but the simple fact that a lot of people do not like us because of the job we do.

    To be perfectly honest I really don't care how much any of you dislike me, I am here to do my job, if that means arresting one of you for a crime serious enough to warrant you doing time, then so be it, I won't lose any sleep over it.

    The mentality of a few on this board is childish and immature. The whole "I hate the monkeys" rant is futile. Those who have that attitude, when you next have a crime committed against you or yours, remember how you felt about the RMP prior to that crime, then comare it to how you feel about them if or when a successful prosecution and conviction is secured. Quite an easy exercise in self reflection.

    The vast majority of RMP are actually interested in the job, of course there are some throbbers, but can any Corps claim not to have a few? I thought not.

    At the end of the day we exist because people in the Services continue to commit crime, some of it extremely serious. If you hate us so much and want rid simply stop being criminals, the Army will have no choice but to cull us and I'll gladly take the money for redundancy.
  7. You will have to have RMP in the ORBAT, until someone invents self-propelled traffic cones, that can get themselves into position to direct convoy traffic.

    That would represent a huge saving, because they could be locked up in a store when they weren't needed, and MoD wouldn't have to find a 'just pretend' role for them, leaving them loafing around garrisons trying to act as if they knew what being proper coppers is all about. :D
  8. Cuts, I think you're just fucked off at being accused of being a clerk. :D
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Many if not most internet discussions can be labelled as pointless exercises but this isn't a capbadge bitch.

    It's not so much can the job be done by a civvy contractor, rather are there Crown servants who are as good as or more suited to the rôle.

    Which essential jobs do you consider can only be carried out by the RMP ?
  10. I would say about the same number as any other capbadge, SPS could be replaced entirely by snivel serpents doing the admin. RMP could be replaced by MDP as long as the terms and conditions for MDP were completely overhauled. BUT NO Capbadge couldn't be replaced by something else when you boil it all down. However you then don't have Soldiers do you?

    To put it another way do you really want to train an infantry soldier to operate a warrior and then get him cooking in a Kitchen? No you train someone in basic soldiering skills then specialise him as a chef. The same goes for RMP except you train him in report writing skills and teach him rules of evidence etc It is all a matter of horses for courses and is a model that works.
  11. Cuts that must be the longest post... ever. FACT.

    Daytona seems very able to slate other people and call them stupid, whilst NEVER actually rationally explaining your view. What a dullard.

    I like the idea of the Joint MPs though. They are already training all the Service police in one place, why not add the MoD Plod side of it. Then the RMPs would be able to act as REAL police, ie arrest civvies, etc.

    The bit about MoD Plod serving on ops could easily be addressed, as could any problems with them serving overseas. RMP operate overseas, why not MoD Plod.

    MoD Plod are all armed too.... Just like soldiers.

    Maybe this would generate in to a British Caribinari. They could make a bit of a grab on to the Airport security and CP too.
  12. Is your argument seriously: "we have these guys, they could do those guys jobs, let's get rid of those guys and use these guys"?

    surely, as said above, that's applicable to just about any other cap badge?
  13. My arguement is... could we develop the RMP, RAF Police and RN Conductors AND the MoD Police in to a single entity that is capable of the majority of tasks that are currently handled by these organisations.

    Taking the MPS too.

    It doesn't have to be one trade, one Corps'.

    Could the whole system benefit?

    Perhaps also TAKING away such posts as QM, MT and Signals from the RMP capbadge to be filled at E2. Allowing the monkeys et al to really concentrate on Policing and investigation.
  14. CF

    A number of interesting points and none that haven't been raised over the years. Purple Policing has been looked into again and again but the stumbling block always will be firstly Political in as much as a large number of acts of Parliament would need to be overturned and re written and secondly would be cost and I'm sure value for money would rear its head as well. Basically what you are looking at would be a National Police Service not unlike the Carbinari or Gendarmerie but under MOD control and not the Home Office. I can hear the screams of Police state already over that idea.
    The RAF Police and Navy Regulators have many different roles to RMP. RAFP have a role of Security Investigations in the Army that is carried out by Int. Navy Regs carry out an admin function on board ships, the Army has SPS to achieve the same function. A real can of worms in my opinion and the end result is you still have yet another service that requires funding and training. You can't add the MPS into the equation as they still need to remain a separate and impartial branch due to the fact you cannot mix a Police and Custodial Role hence the separation in the home office of HMPS and Police.

    As for the one Corps Idea.............. they've already done it (At least in the Army) Adjutants General Corps ring any bells? or are you proposing extending the AGC to all services? One Corps several branches several trades?
  15. Nope, extracting the MPs from the AGC and merging them with their blue brothers, or sisters.

    Regulators, not conductors... doh.

    Didn't know they did the admin stuff too.