Royal medal query.

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers wear the red over white hackle,is that who you mean?
And was Andrew sporting para wings?
My knowledge of Inf Regiments, and their history, is not as good as others on ARRSE, and was hoping someone else would fill-in the "blanks" ;) .
As a Fusilier regiment, the Fusiliers wear a hackle – the red-over-white hackle of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. This distinction was originally a white plume which His Majesty's Fifth Regiment of Foot had taken from the head dress of fallen French troops at St. Lucia in December 1778. In 1829, King George IV ordered the white plume to be worn by all infantry regiments, and in order not to take away from the Fifth (Northumberland) Regiment of Foot's peculiar distinction and reflecting that they had won it in battle (according to legend the original plumes were stained red with the blood of their foes), their plume was differentiated by being made "half red and half white, the red uppermost, instead of the plain white feather worn by the rest of the army per the 1829 order, as a peculiar mark of honour."
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - Wikipedia

That was probably them. Although a few minutes on google, and I can NOT find any evidence of what I was originally (miss-)remembering :( .

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