Royal marines

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by meiktilaman, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Sigh.....

    Get a grip of yourself.
  2. Why truth hurt Royal?
  3. Nice sig block Meik, you clever sod!
  4. Feck all to do with me Trev I it was done by a fellow arrrser!

    Though it is rather swanky I must admit
  5. meiktilaman,

    I think you'll find RR was set up and organised by the same people that set up ARRSE. IE Army blokes not Bootnecks, but thank you very much for crediting us with the intelligence to do it.
  6. Thats more like the response I was expecting lol
  7. And before you start on my spelling can I just point out the correct spelling is Royal, not Roayal if you want to edit your first post mate :thumright:
  8. Fair one nothing wrong with my spelling Blobby I just cant type for shit with these mongs hands lol
  9. One shot one kill W-B :numberone:
    However the spelling Roayal is correct phonetically if you are in Guz hoofing it back down union street trying to sober up enough so you dont spew over the lucky man on the gate (As I will be tomorrow!!!)
    as in "Ise a roayal mareeeene oroficer honset ise is Huuurrrgggghhhhh arrr thats better"