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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mbwest, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Just want to get some insight as to what everyone's view is of the RM, specifically the RM officers.
    I assume it's a similar job, doing some research as I type and would be greatful for any sites I could take a look at or more importantly your own experiences.

    I've a friend who can't make his mind up between Army or Marine officer. I'm also quite curious to learn more about the role of a Marines Officer.

    Thanks in advance,

    (let me know if i've got the wrong thread ;))
  2. Apart from cross dressing and doing naked bar in exmouth there's not much difference!
  3. Annual exercises in Norway (V.cold).....that should make your mind up :D
  4. Well to look in to life in the RM try the Royal Navy's RM Recruiting website;

    Army can be found at

    I was not in the RM, but i got to work with/ near/ for/ arround/ over/ and about the RM. Over all a great bunch, and you can't go far wrong with them..... the occasional naked sleeping mat wrestling incident aside.
    As a general observation, they are a lot smaller than the Army, bit of a whaa there, but that means that there are fewer places for officers who go on to want to serve a full carear. Now others may disagree, but there is essentially a glass ceiling, nothing to officially stop you getting to the very top of the ladder, only its so much smaller than the Army, so fewer jobs and so on! One example will be that in recent history have not been many Full Generals of the RM and certainly no RM Chief of Defence Staff in recent history. Mind you the Yanks' current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is USMC 4 Star, Gen Pace, their first USMC Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Nothing to stop you having a great and varied carear with the RM; all sorts of fun jobs all over the place.

    I am far more familiar with the army, lots of weird and wonderful possibilities, jobs, places to go, things to do, exchanges and attachments to be had and all that. A much bigger service, something arround the 110 000 mark in terms of personel. Past 2 Chiefs of Defence staff were Army Generals, Gen Guthrie and Gen Walker, with RN inbetween and now an RAF 4 star chappy in the office.
    Your mate should get hold of the relevant recruiting teams, from the Army and RM and go on lots of attachments and visits, and see day to day life of each service and decide where he will fit in best. Take good advice and learn from it, and don't pay too much attention to any silly sods on this site who want to do all that "we are better than you" interservice rivalry, which is all good, but some times can distract you from making those big life choices etc.
    Good luck, and what ever you choose I am sure you will have a great time, be it a few years or a full 22 years and all that.
  5. Thanks,
    Some really helpful information there.
    I think the reason RM has popped into his head instead of an Army Officer is simply because they are a lot harder to get into. He wants to be the "cream of the crop" so to speak, but I suppose you have many chances through an Army career to 'press on' into Commandos and SF.
    Will keep looking, thanks for the help so far.

    I suppose to sum it up in one answer, if you were in that situation would it be RM or Army?
  6. check your pm's mbwest
  7. Is the statement of RM's being so over officered that 2nd lts often dont actually get a rifle platoon for their first job true or an over-statement put forward by those who put them down?
  8. I believe the US Marine Corps is actually bigger than the British Army so there is a much better shot at making rank than in the RM. Having said that, there is much the same perception here with regard to Army versus Marine.
  9. Agreed, yeah the USMC is huge and "an independent" service in its own right, ie it has a 4 Star General as Commandant of the Corps who has a Permanent seat on the Joint Chiefs etc
    The RM is obviously a part of the RN and I am pretty sure they have not had a Full General (4 Star) in a long while, 10 to 15 years at least, and they are represented by the First Sea Lord, a 4 Star RN Admiral, when the British Head Shed assembles (joint chiefs or what not), not by their own Corps Commandant, which is only a Major Gen (2 Star)
    From what i have seen, and what numbers show, RM is a part of the RN, and the RN is their "boss" or parent unit as such, where as the USMC is also a part of the USN but has a lot more in terms of numbers, autonomy, punch and so on.

    Any one who knows better please correct me, i offer the above based on what i believe to be the fact, obviously i am way too low on the pecking order to actually get told all this stuff by those in the know.
  10. Not every officer gets a rifle platoon in a commando unit but it isn't that they are over-recruited for officers. They only have a limited number of platoons but they still need more officers than they have platoons to do the jobs that aren't in the commando units. It's a fact of life in the RM. If you really want to be a rifle platoon commander you are better off joining the Infantry.
  11. I could be wrong, but I remember reading, sometime back that a RM Officer had been appointed to a senior Naval Position. Also have any RM officers transferred over to the Army for senior Career opportunities?
  12. The army can do the commando course too, particularly the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers (Whos Cdo unit, 59 idependant Cdo Sqn is soon to form up a whole regiment, meaning more Cdo opportunities). So you dont have to join the RM to be 'the cream of the crop'.
  13. Once attended a presentation by a R.M Captain who went on to talk about his career so far, which included serving two years as a platoon commander in the PARACHUTE REGIMENT!! A brave man indeed!!!!
  14. I'm told the RM only recruits 55 officers a year.
    I know of at least 1 person who had to sit the AIB (Navy equivalent of the RCB) three times before he got in (he passed it each time too but of course they take only the 55 highest scorers). In other words, there are thousands of candidates who try to become RM officers every year but very few actually get in. You have to pass a selection weekend to get to the AIB by the way.
    So you have to be very, very keen to join the RM as an officer.
  15. By the way in the entire history of the Royal Marines there has only ever been one General - and only a few Lt Generals. The current head of the RM is a Maj Gen, which probably reflects the current size of the RM (about 6,000 men).