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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Hantslad, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Thats not "walting". He's earned a green lid anyway. Something that's greater than many of us on here have achieved.
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  2. 'Cos you can't court martial civvy cuntspastics I assume.
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  3. True, but it was more an exasperated rhetorical question than genuine enquiry. Maybe this will stop people's sting the ubiquitous ' can I wear a rank higher on my wedding day' question every five minutes. Maybe not!

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  4. What if a field marshal got married, would he have to turn up as a private?
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  5. James Shortt, eat your heart out !!
  6. Silly sod. Sillier still to post the evidnce on Facebore.

    I try to remain modest.
  7. A sterling example of marine nuggetry I would say!
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  8. I just read your posts for your signature.... what was this thread about again?
  9. What a waste of money, time, effort and reputation. Marines have been walting as women for the last couple of centuries - who gives a fuck?
  10. I thought you were allowed to wear the rank up for your wedding though?

    As well as loads of lanyards 'n' shit.
  11. So, what actually happened?

    Did he borrow his mates uniform for the entire day, or did he, late on in the day when everyone was easing springs, briefly put his mates jacket and take a photo? I think there is a bit of a difference, and if the latter, then it is hardly a CM offence.
  12. Fuck me a CM for larging it a bit....!!!, a couple of duties, bit of a fine and piss taking from your oppos should have been the punishment....fucking CM.

    I knew a bloke in the AAC who had a strange aussie accent, had more badges on his arm than a senior boy scout, claimed to be aircrew, had the photos on display...utter cunt of a man. (I nearly got jailed for beating the cunt up, but it was stopped before it started, by a wiser NCO.) the end the cunt ended up as RSM.....did I mention he was a cunt!
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  13. I imagine the amount of shit that he received or is going to receive in his unit and all future units will far outweigh anything the CM gave him. The Corps is a small family and shit sticks forever.