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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by passing_crab, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. I notice there is a lot of advertising on TV for the Marines at the moment, and I have a question for the audience....

    The advert asks "Have you got the Royal Marines Commandos State of Mind"

    Should that really say "Royal Marine Commandos" or "Royal Marines Commando" or is it really "Royal Marines Commandos" ?

    Sorry, but it's starting to bug me, and Google couldn't solve it!
  2. does it fcking matter, get a life
  3. Royal Marines Commandos
  4. seeing as its their advert, i'm guessing that they've got it right
  5. Auxie, no it *doesn't* matter, it's just a question in search of an answer.

    Don't let it upset you if you can't answer it, there are plenty of other topics I am sure you can make a meaningful contribution to.
  6. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Like they got it right with the Portsmouth Naval Museum advert?

    (Strictly speaking, that was pretty much spot on)
  7. Ah yes a fine advert "Have you got the Royal marines state of mind?"
    I confess i haven't but Oliver Reed did
  8. I think it's "commandos". And now is as good a time as any to bring up this thing what I made...
  9. HA! Took me a second but i saw what you have done there P_G! Well Done!
  10. (Sorry for hijacking the thread)

    Did one for 3 para mortor platoon too,
  11. Royal Marine Commando is the individual, Royal Marines Commandos is the plural for 2 or more of same.
    They're Commandos belonging to the Royal Marines, geddit?
    An oppo of mine, during training, had a tat done 'Royal Marines Commandoes', oh how he laughed as we took the pish...he eventually burnt the offending 'es' off with a red hot clasp knife and then had fun explaining the burn to the MO
  12. Its imperative that you find a dyslexic, ill educated tattoo artist when you get you pussers tat

    Paras keep it simple in line with their IQs,

    If you want to see some spectacularly chad bootneck tattoos there is a face book group

    "bootneck chad tats"
  13. I think it is "Royal marines commando's".

    The s in marines is the plural. The s after commando the possessive.
  14. I would guess Royal Marines Commandos' State of Mind.

    I think having it is more important than being able to spell it anyway.
  15. I think the advert is trying to say (the one in the underpass anyway) that if you can count to 4 then you're smart enough to join the bootys.

    The other one on the beach means that if you fancy a tryout for SBS then you need to count to 6 :)