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11:00 - 11 March 2008

Hundreds of Royal Marines have been involved in a massive operation across uncharted Afghan territory attacking the Taliban.

More than 600 members of the Taunton-based 40 Commando fought alongside other troops in the area around Sapwan Kala in the Upper Sangin Valley of the Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan.

Under Operation Ghartse Dagger, British forces were responding to intelligence reports which suggested insurgents fleeing Musa Qal'eh after its fall at the end of last year had moved into the area to regroup after their defeat.
More on the link
...into thinking they're even half as good as a regular infantry battalion?

Sorry, Royal. Couldn't resist. Not your fault, just a cr@ppy headline.
Major Dan Cheesman RM, the officer commanding Bravo Company, said: "Our intent was twofold: demonstrate once more to the Taliban that the Government and ISAF are stronger than them; and convince the people that the Government and ISAF are stronger than the Taliban.
I do believe I was in the OTC with a Dan Cheeseman.
If its the same bloke then he's living up to his promise.
Well Done regardless.
crap headline though, a very tiny mention that there was a 'deception' and it actually wasnt mentioned in the rest of the story, this bit gets more of a mention:

Royal Marines Build Dental Clinic

it makes more mention of destroying the heroin factory.
Surely the headline should have been something like:

Royal Marines destroy Taliban Heroin Factory


Royal Marines capture Taliban Territory
af1033 said:
ROYAL MARINES TRICK TALIBAN by becoming Nigerian 419 scammers ?
Can you imagine Bin Laden getting an email from a marine saying that he has won the Afghanistan lottery, all he needs to do is send his current address and contact details. Also if he could include his bank account details, his mothers maiden name, favourite colour and name of his first pet
2Lt Tom Williams (OC 4 Tp) said:
The lads in my troop know what to look for in these circumstances and soon found the initial morphine-base material and the chemicals needed for heroin production.

"Damn it Marine Smithers, you know that is not what I meant when I said "Get a brew on!""
Stokey said:
CutLunchCommando said:
The operation has largely been a success due to efforts to deceive the Taliban into thinking the Marines were heading in a different direction - it worked and they were able to make significant headway.
What did they do? Walk backwards?
Hence the old joke.
Q "How do you recognise THEM if its snowing?"

A "THEY will be walking backwards."

I shall don my outer layer and exfil......
Did they do the usual cabbage head volley-ball postition to lull terry into a false sense of security,followed by the rest of them jumping out,japanese storeman style,yelling "supplies!!"?

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