Royal Marines standards

Now I know this should be stuck up in the Rum Ration, but I can't be arrsed with that so I thought I'd ask for comment on here. I have just come through the main gate here at work, which is guarded by Royal Marines. There was a young tom on the gate, smartly turned out in CS95 and the green beret, as I passed him I noticed that under his beret, his hair was cut into a mohican! As a stinking civvy now, I was obviously in no position to remark on this, but fellas, tell me this, in the 18 months since my discharge, has policy on "designer haircuts" changed ? At the risk of sounding like a old and bold, but that wouldn't have happened and he would have been gripped ever so slightly, or do the Royals have their own funky regs??
How could you see under his beret?
I don't know if you have ever witnessed a mohican, but the ones I have seen continue down to the nape of the neck. There was about 4 inches of the "tail" of the haircut present. Now I made the wild assumption that that would continue upwards under the headdress, but we all know about assumptions don't we. So, cut the pedantry (leave the kids alone) and just accept the fact that this Royal had a Mohican.
Maybe he had an unfortunate baldness pattern.
Or an unfortunate incident in the NAAFI...

Don't the Royals 'gamble' bits of their hair?
The haircut could be the cause of him being on guard.
jimnicebutdim said:
Maybe he likes being beaten by rollmats???
ALL booties like to beaten with rollmats: it's part of their selection.