Royal Marines (SFSG)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by hollister, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. What are the Rotay Marines direct role within this regiment?

    Also I've read that they hold their own selection, can anyone share what this involves?
  2. think you will find it isnt a regiment
  3. Oh right sorry I mean battalion.
  4. I can share that you are too stupid to join. Try the Salvation Army or the Cats Protection League.
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  5. If you google your thread title, you will find many sources of information. Most appear to be quite accurate.
  6. elite uk forces or something like that
  7. What about the Judean People's Popular Front of even the Tooting Popular Front!
  8. Okay Joey Deacon, Royal Marines, nah Dogs Trust is up my street mate.
  9. Yes, I can see how it must be satisfying to work with one's intellectual equals...
  10. Yeah I have googled it, basically I've read up that they are there to focus on amphibious operations and that they come from the Fleet Protection Group, but I posted it hoping that somebody could give abit more knowlegde hopefully first hand.
  11. well here is one of your earlier posts
    "Joining the Army with qualifications in Engineering
    okay I've completed my second year in college gaining my BTEC level 3 diploma in Electrical & Electronic engineering, I've decided I'm not going to go onto university but to join the army. The Engineers don't attract me either I've decided to go Infantry. I'm 26 years old I joined the army some time back when I was 17, just did a few weeks an jacked it in. Since then I've done my fair share of messing around and decided to grow up and look towards a future. I left school with no GCSE's what so ever untill I enrolled in college also studying night time courses in Maths and English gaining an A in Maths an B in English. My questions are:

    Clearly I've grown up and gained alot of knowledge since I've left so would this help my 203 getting cleared?

    If I was to go engineers would my qualifications help me get promoted and climb the ladder?

    I want to learn a language, would I be able to do this in the army?

    Royal Marines my arrse...who's the **** !!!
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  13. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Hollister ever heard of OPSEC...... No didnt think so.
  14. That is a wee bit harsh, I've seen some very intelligent working dogs.
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  15. Or Group, even.