Royal Marines Reserves?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Spuddfluff, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. It sort of goes here as it is still part time-ish as far as I am aware.

    What steps do I have to take to join the Royal Marine Reserves? I'm planning on joining the OTC when I do go to uni.

    and what advantages does it entail? Are there more choices of unit or specialisation in the marines? e.g. there is no sniper etc courses in the TA, would there be more of this type of course in the RMR?

    Thanks, and I've probably posted on the wrong board but please forgive me.
  2. Part time sniper? - bore off.

  3. It was just an example, I meant just more options in general.
  4. In a nutshell:
    Phone up the closest unit that runs the presentation morning/ evening.
    Turn up, learn more about the RMR, ask your Qs. A taster phys session if you're lucky.
    If you like it, go to your local AFCO and ask about the RMR.
    Do all the recruiting tests and attend a selection weekend (basically a PRMC). Start Phase 1 the weekend after.

    Well if you want to do something like landing crafts/ beach assaults I'd assume the obvious choice would be to go for the RMR whereas if you wanted to jump out of planes I'd probably say go for the paras (standby...!).

    There are loads of specialisations within the RMR but as far as I know, you have to be a general duties marine for at least 2 years before you can specialise (same as the regs)... should probably add that RMR recruit training (ie: from 1st weekend -> getting your lid) varies from 18 months to 2years depending on your unit - I believe RMR London is 2 years (for those who passed selection last year).
    So if you want the trade skills more than the green beret then the TA might provide a quicker route.

    All the info should be on the RMR website and if not, give them a phone call!
  5. You won't get into the RMR if you plan on leaving it to join the OTC. I joined up in Newcastle, did my PRMC (sort of, different set up in the north east so we do it in Otterburn) but couldn't keep up with fitness. All the staff told us it's harder as a reserve as you have to do almost all your phys on your own. Out of my original group of 12 guys only 2 were still there after a year. Also unless you're planning to stay in the same city as your unit for university, don't join for sixth form as if you don't complete the training by the time you go to uni it'll take you years to complete. No exaggeration. There's no flexibility in between units for training purposes.
  6. Dont listen to this muppet, The RMR do have snipers. You need to know that the RMR are the only reserve force that undergo the same training as the regulars, it means they can fall into any unit that is on tour should the need arise. Its up to yourself, but my personal preference would be the RMR if you can handle the training
  7. Thank christ you're here! The OP's been sat pressing F5 waiting for an answer since December 2010 when he posted the question.
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  8. I know but I came across this on a google search, so other folk looking for info will too. Thought it best just incase. Besides you seen it didnt you?
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  9. Is JC in the RMR too?
  10. The ability to walk on water is a fairly useful attribute...

    Though his recovery time from getting hammered on a Friday afternoon leaves a lot to be desired.
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  11. Cracking guy but hes forever getting hung up on stuff