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I am keen on joining the Royal Marines Reserve and would like to know a bit about the course. I have had a look at the website, but would like to hear from current recruits or any Bootnecks, what the recruit course is like and what training and courses you do once you have passed the Commando tests.

Also in comparison to TA units lke 4 Para, how likely would compulsory mobilisation be. Ive been told they are being compulsory mobilised all the time but is it different in the RMR. Again all rumours but I head that the RMR guys have all volunteered for service in Iraq and Afghanistan and not been compulsory mobilised.

Cheers for any info
As usual, I would advise you to get on the phone and speak to them. Try to get to a drill night - you can speak to lots of people, like recruits / people who have just comleted recruits.

I'm sure that they will welcome you with open arms.

I agree with the Captain - get into the local unit and ask them. I am sure they will have loads of info/videos on the course they can fire at you. Also, speaking to Recruits is the best way to get a feel for any unit, as you can measure yourself against them and see what the general attitude is.

As for mobilisation - no idea. Yes in 4PARA if you join and pass, then you will be compulsory mobilised for Ops at some point but no idea about RMR. Any bootnecks out there with experience in this field help out?

Why not better yourself and join 4Para instead mate :0)



People here speak with forked tongue. 4 Para do not and have not compulsorily mobilised anyone. People may have been asked in a fairly firm manner if they would accept being mobilised, but the option to decline or appeal has always been there. Those who then inform the chain of command that they would accept being mobilsed are then on the list for a brown envelope. This provides all of the benefits of being mobilised rather than volunteering. That said, do not join if you feel that you never wish to deploy - it is just not like that anymore.

Sorry, cannot advise on RMR, just go and see them and ask.

Sorry Duke - didnt mean to post incorrect info.

I know we discussed future mobilisation last week, but i was under the impression that guys were compulsory mobilised for Telic 1. Certaily lads I know (recruits) were told upon joining that they defnitely would be mobilised if they passed. Maybe just a breakdown in comms but I can only tell you what ive been told mate.
I also know of blokes who left after the first weekend, cause they were told they would be going to Sandyland at some point. It certainly wasnt made out to be an option.

Dillon - apologies for the confusion. Duke knows better than most on here re 4PARA but again Im going on what Ive heard.
Their website is one of the better out there, have a look to see if it answers any of your questions


From memory I belive the training is quite intensive, it something like 2 weekends a month andn one night a week for about 8 months but I might be wrong



Not a problem, but a misconception it is good to overcome. Dillon has already shied away from one unit (4 Para in this case) because he believes he will be called up the minute he sets foot in the door. One element of the recruiting problem faced by all the reserve forces at the moment is this entirely understandable fear. By passing on the correct information, we may be able to reassure the potential applicant.

Also, it is not unknown for recruiting staff to lay it on a bit thick to get rid of some of the less committed, and dare I say it, big themselves up a bit.

Based only on assumption not fact, but i would bet that the RMR have been as heavily involved in recent mobilisations as the TA, but might have a better PR machine.

Yeah good call mate. I suppose all we can do is make people aware of the situation and hope recruiting numbers increase in time.

It is a bit unfair of any recruiting staff to wade into a group of recruits that are just in the door, not idea WTF is going on and give them "Right lads 8 weekends of training and you feckers are off to take on the Taliban - good luck!!"

Operational experience is invaluable and making people aware of the chance of call up is fine, but to scare them off is taking it too far. Even the most commited blokes are going to be sceptical, especially those with families and careers to think of.
Its different if youve been "in" for years as your wife and kids are most probably used to you being away a lot, but for new lads and there families its gonna be a bit of a culture shock!

Dillon whatever you decide mate and hopefully now the Duke has cleared things up, 4Para will be an option for you, just make sure you go in with your eyes wide open!!
I was on a course with a RM Officer and I am sure he would be quite happy to talk to you. Just PM me and I will give you his details.

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