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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by termite, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Chaps,

    Greetings from the other side. Wondered if you could help me.

    After enjoying part time life in green I'm thinking about making a career of it. Seeing all these officers, I'd love to be a troopy full time, although at the grand old age of 26 I feel that I am somewhat pushing it. My very own corps no longer accepts direct entry officers, the same goes for the senior service as a whole. The viable options are RAF and Army, and I am certainly leaning towards the latter for the obvious reason that it is closer to my own experience.

    Should I crack on with my application, pass everything and be on top all my admin it is my understanding it takes 6 months at the very least. Assuming I don't get back trooped while at Sandhurst, this would leave me as an approximately 28 year old subbie non-grad (two years seniority if they count my time at uni - ah, the folly of youth)

    1. Will any teeth arm look at me?

    2. What's the stick like for a bootneck(rubber dagger if you will). It's safe to say I am in no hurry to join the folk who jump out of planes.

    3. I was young, I was stupid and I couldn't stand my degree. As a 21 year old I had a remarkable lack of foresight. I understand leaving university shows a lack of commitment, which I hope has been offset by me getting a green lid later in life.

    Cheers All.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Sorry old chap, don't understand your banter. When you say the RM/RN no longer take 'Direct Entry' officers, do you mean commissions from the ranks or what? In Army-speak, a DE officer is someone who commissions through Sandhurst, as opposed to a Late Entry officer commissioned after a career in the ranks.

    As for having been RMR, it will be an advantage at Sandhurst in that, presumably, you will have soldiering skills squared away but after that you're on your own. In any event, at your age you need to get moving. Having been RMR may or may not move the goalposts re teeth arms: you need to start asking the question officially straight away.
  3. Sorry Cpunk, extremely poor/ambiguous wording on my part. The Royal Marines and Navy are indeed taking direct entry officers ie those straight from civvie st. but I am no longer eligible due to my age.

    Royal Marines Young Officer training requires you to be in CTC Lympstone on the day before your 26th birthday at the latest.

    Royal Navy have the same age requirement, although I must admit none of the roles would have particularly interested me.

    Only the Army and RAF have higher cut offs at 29 and 36(!) respectively I believe, although I'm willing to stand corrected, especially in light of recent rumours.

    After reading through the forum all afternoon I can see that my advancing years are (very understandably) likely to be a problem regards to promotion and fitting in, especially in infantry. I'll be a not so young thrusting Second Lieutenant while officers my age will be flirting with the idea of Major.
  4. Stop pissing about posting on here and go and talk to a recruiter. Do not waste any more time.

    26 is bugger all. So what if you will be a few years...3-4 older than your peers. Hopefully you will take your greater maturity with you which will be an advantage over really young and 'green' subbies.

    Being RMR will help your mil skills but that's all. I wouldn't go gobbing off about it too much prior to or at Sandhurst. It would be the equivalent of turning up at Lympstone for basic training and telling everyone how fantastic you are as you have done 2 years in the TA. Nobody on your training team will give a toss about your RMR service and if they end up getting wind of it will probably be a disadvantage to you as you will have pinged yourself.

    Get on with it......Good luck
  5. You won't get degree related seniority without graduation. So for the systems purposes you are a non-grad
  6. Thanks for all your replies Chaps, I'm going to run everything by the staff at my det and crack on with the application, especially if the age limit is going down.

    Just to add - I have no intention of acting like the big swinging **** having been RMR. Humility is part of the commando ethos after all!