Royal Marines refused entry to Bar

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Just on local radio news, RADIO MERSEYSIDE;

2 RM who had attended Cpl Ben Nowaks funeral at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Later went for a drink in LIVERPOOL city centre and were dressed in full uniform . Whilst waiting to enter THE WALKABOUT bar , Concert Square, in Liverpool city centre doormen approached the pair and told them they would not be allowed in because they were in uniform.

This incident was reported to Johnny Phillips radio phone in on Radio Merseyside today by a third party who witnessed the incident and was quite rightly outraged by the attitude towards the 2 lads in uniform. Radio Merseyside news contacted the WALKABOUT BAR and they admitted that their doorstaff had refused entry to the pair as they had a policy of refusing anyone in uniform entry!!!!!!!!!!!!

No LINK yet. Will post one when it is posted on local news website.

All I can say is I will NEVER enter that bar again!!!!!!!!! :x :x :x


Tip up to the said bar, cause a riot and see if they let the rozzers in. If they do, start spouting the discrimination laws.

Yates better.

Walkabout are not Aussie bars. Stapling a 4x beermat to the wall doesn't make it thus.

Fcuk them.
I wonder if the 2 Royals and possibly their oppo's will tip up in civvies and educate the staff in the way of the world. :twisted:

I personnally know 2 who won't be happy at this tale. :x


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Radio news went on to say Walkabout bar stated if the party returned, IN CIVIES they would be treated to a free lunch......Cheeky cnuts. I look forward with glee next time I am on duty and those shower of pr1ck doormen request Police assistance.. There are a lot of of ex bootys in the local force............. :twisted:
There is a time and place for everything... and kicking out two lads who were clearly in mourning is not going to win any favours.

I would turn up in civvies and send the lunch back untouched.
I would make an open comment saying that if that is their policy then it wouldn't matter if in civvys or not - you have lost our custom (they are shitty smelly bars anyhow!).
Lloyds bar next door to liverpool walkabout is better and cheaper.

same here not going into Walkabouts bar , Its shite anyway overpriced, overcrowded, fake Aussie


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walkabout is shite - girl in our place nearly lost her life after falling thru lift shaft cos ******* had effed up the service on the lift. Its a shit hole - put out the rumours and 'out of bounds' it!
email sent, disgusted , in fact boycott all Walkabouts round the world, our Fellow Soldiers in Arms in USA, Canada, Australia !, New Zealand should support this.

this is like the silly spat over a small cross by the BA
Lets face it, nothing new there. I am sure we have all tipped up at clubs only to be told no entry when the think you are soldiers or accidentally see a MOD90 in your wallet.
At the risk of setting myslef up for a rifting...

Perhaps the doormen on this occasion could have been a bit more flexible, given the circumstances, but it's hardly anything new for bars and clubs to impose some sort of dress code. I daresay the places which turn away uniformed soldiers wouldn't be overly happy with people trying to get in wearing work overalls, donkey jackets etc either.

Like I say, not very clear-sighted by Walkabout but hardly indicative of some kind of anti-military attitude. I mean, come on fellas, members of ethnic minorities blaming everything negative that happens to them on racism and gay people shouting about homophobia at the drop of a hat rightly pisses most of us off. Surely this is us doing much the same?

Devil's advocate mode off....


I have to agree, it's not as if the lads were in their 95's, they would have been all suited and booted for that event.


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MMMM good point wedge but Walkabout have admitted they have a full anti uniform ie. forces policy. No one wearing uniform gets in. By the way it was front page news in Liverpool about Cpl Nowaks funeral and very well publicised about the service in the Cathedral so I was to say the least shocked to hear the Bar staff reacted like this towards 2 lads in full dress uniform. Foookin disgrace.
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