Royal Marines recreate the Iwo Jima flag raising!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, May 29, 2006.

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  1. Here's a good one, Somebody forgot to tell the boys it was only four US Marines in the original photo not 16 odd!!

  2. reminds me of something else to be honest.................

  3. Far too much clothing and not a rollmat in sight, perhaps :D
  4. That's a 40 CDO flag and I expect it's a piss-take!

  5. is that forty cdo or four zero cdo then ? ...................

    now retiring to safe distance (quickly).............. :D :D :D :D muhahaha (demonic laugh!)
  6. 40(forty cdo rm)---a coy(the saints)----Madness, looks like a monks chain(see 3para mortars/45(four five cdo)--say no more!
  7. stop takin the piss out of tha royl marins that who i want 2 joyn
  8. No fecking chance you little smart arrsed cnut

    Thats alpha coy, 40, if it hasn't already been pointed out
  9. I was A coy 40CDO but I believe the whole of forty now call themselves 'The Saints'
  10. i thought the saints was the nickname of the rhodesian light infantry did 40 cdo have a large influx of rhodeis in the early 80's
  11. Saints might well be nickname of RLI but as far as I know Ian Charteris was the favourite author of some previous OC. ( Charteris wrote the Saint books). No influx of Rhodeis in early eighties but I did have a Tp Cdr in '82 but he was the only one. I stand corrected on this!
  12. Can't make up my my mind if they're putting it up, taking it down or stealing the fcuker
  13. Probably going to challenge the goddamn USMC to fight over it. Naked of course. With rollmats!
  14. Nice attempt boys, but sadly, it lacks the gravitas of the original

  15. And KY with lashings of ginger beers