Royal Marines new life thanks to bionic legs

Within minutes of the landmine detonating, fellow soldiers — approaching with caution for fear of setting off another explosion — applied tourniquets to his arm and legs and hooked him up to a drip of fluids and morphine.

In the helicopter, “the medics were on me like a Formula One pit-stop crew”. He had lost five pints of blood, and his brain, heart and lungs were on the point of shutting down. With the helicopter banking at 80 degrees to avoid ground fire, it was impossible to find a vein and insert a needle, so the emergency response team drilled a hole in his hip bone to insert fluids directly into the marrow. Ormrod was told later that he had been around three minutes from death.

Sitting in his adapted home in Plymouth, his broad chest a testament to the fit young man he was and in short trousers showing off his new “bionic” legs,

The Afghanistan conflict has now produced nearly 60 amputees, plus soldiers who would never have survived in previous wars but are alive thanks to extraordinary advances in the treatment of trauma.

At the moment, a tick-box system rates injuries individually according to severity, rather than looking at the impact on the person as a whole.

“Too often, someone who has had his leg blown off regards himself as nothing more than a failed soldier,”


Good luck to this young soldier and his new life and i sincerely hope that he gets the right compensation he and other soldiers so rightly deserve .

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